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Ring Seal Kits - SAE Flange Seal

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These O-Ring SAE Flange seal kits are designed to create a tight seal in flanged connections, preventing fluid or gas leakage. It provides a tight seal by fitting into the grooves of SAE standard flanges.

It is flexible and durable and can endure the pressures and temperatures found in hydraulic systems, guaranteeing dependable performance even under extreme situations.

These kits are normally packed to protect the seals from damage during storage or transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect shape. Typically inserted in the flange grooves to provide a tight fit and a secure seal. Commonly used in various applications such as hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fluid power systems or oil and gas.

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SAE Flange Seal Ring Seal Kit


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£ 122.6303 - £ 122.6303

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    SAE Flange Seal
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    10x1/2". 10x3/4". 10x1". 10x1 1/4". 10x1 1/2". 10x2"