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Compression Latches & Locks

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What are compression locks and latches?

Compression latches, also referred to as compression cam latches, utilize gaskets pressed against a door or panel opening to create a secure seal, effectively keeping out dust and moisture. Widely employed in industrial cabinets, panels, and various enclosures, these latches serve the fundamental purpose of securely closing doors.

These fasteners hold two surfaces together with a gasket, featuring a trigger release mechanism for opening. Similar to standard cam latches, compression latches consist of a base and a cam lever, turned to lock the latch. Additionally, a compression lock, a variant of the compression latch, integrates keys and a locking mechanism for enhanced security. Each compression lock from our collection is supplied with two sets of keys.

Compression latches can either be fixed, providing a set compression level, or adjustable, allowing for a change in compression with a wide grip range. Notably, their tight seal makes them well-suited for environments with vibrations, such as industrial machinery, contributing to noise reduction. Furthermore, they prove effective in sealing against dust or moisture, while their ease of installation adds to their practicality.

What are the benefits of using compression latches and locks?

The primary advantage of employing compression locks lies in their effective safeguarding when combined with gaskets on the application.   This makes compression latches an optimal choice for access hardware in various applications, including:

  • Electrical enclosures
  • Telecom equipment lockers
  • HVAC system access panels
  • Industrial generators
  • Marine vehicles
  • Aerospace machinery
  • Medical enclosures
  • Automotive vehicles

These systems are routinely exposed to diverse environmental elements, and by utilizing compression latches, the risk of rain or debris infiltration, potentially causing harm to the internal electrical components, is mitigated.

Furthermore, the use of compression latches in the mentioned applications offers an additional advantage: resistance to vibration. This is particularly crucial in scenarios where vibrations may arise from factors such as running engines or uneven terrain. The tight seal formed by the gasket ensures that access panel doors remain secure, preventing any rattling or unintended unlatching during periods of system vibration.

For more information, visit our guides: 'How to size the cam lock and latch you need' and 'How to choose the right lock'

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Adjustable T Handle w/ Compression

Adjustable T Handle Compression Latches that are provided with up to 6mm of pre-set compression. Ideal for use with cabinets that require better sealing under vibration conditions.

The latches are hand operated, have locking (CH 751 stainless steel shutter) and non-locking (no cylinder) options. Two keys are supplied with every lock. The latches are also supplied with a rubber sealing gasket. Cams are sold separately.

The adjustable latches have a quarter-turn cam operation and a wide grip range with an adjustable nut.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Finish Options: Chrome Plated and Black Powder Coated

Cam Latches - Lift & Turn

Lift and Turn Cam Latches (Locks) that have a simple lift and turn operation and compression action. They are easily assembled using a bracket or snap-in fixing.

These latches benefit from a low profile handle that stows away when not in use. It also features straight-forward grip adjustment for added convenience. The range is available in several style options that have a host of unique properties. Lift and Turn Cam Latches can be used in a host of indoor and outdoor applications that include, but are not limited to; electrical panels, machine covers, railway and construction equipment.

The styles featured in the range include, Compression Locks with 5mm present compression, Swinghandles in a range of sizes that have a spring-loaded, slam action design, with options that can be operating using a push-button, as well as all-metal options. Also included are Swell Latches that optimise performance under vibration conditions, and Three-point Rod Latches with an integrated gear-box for multiple point latched.


  • Left hand and Right hand options
  • Options sold with and without cams and/or drivers
  • Lock Type options include; No Key, Keyed Alike (include high-security options), Keyed CH751, Euro Key, Keyed Different, 5mm Double Bit and Padlocking
  • Two keys are supplied with every lock (where applicable)
  • Keyed options available with a Stainless Steel shutter (dust cap)

  • Materials: Zinc Alloy and Polyamide 6 30% Glass Filled
  • Cam Materials: Steel and Polyamide 6 30% Glass Filled
  • Bushing/ Seal Materials: Rubber and Polyurethane (PU)
  • Finish Options: Matt, Powder Coating, Chrome and Zinc Plating
  • Colours: Natural (Silver) and Black
  • DIN-EN ISO 1043-1 and DIN-EN 1774 rated options
  • IP65 and IP54 rated options
  • NEMA 4 rated options
  • RoHS Compliant options

For customised colour or alternate cylinder and driver options, please contact Essentra today.

Compression Latches - Adjustable

Compression Latches that feature a wide grip range with adjustable screw. The latch provides good compression and is available in a choice of pre-set compression options that include; 4mm and 6mm for improved noise isolation.

The latch has noise dampening properties and offers better sealing under vibration and shock conditions. The latch is rated per DIN-EN 61373.

The range features latches with a quarter turn cam operation and a choice of locking and non-locking options. Cams and driver keys are sold separately.

  • Materials: Die Cast Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
  • Finish Options: Chrome Plated, Powder Coating, Matt and Stainless Steel
  • Left Hand and Right Hand mounting

Compression Latches - Adjustable/Wing Knob

Compression Latches with a Wing Knob design are ideal for applications that require better sealing under vibration conditions. They are commonly used for cabinets and access panels in manufacturing environments.

Our range features adjustable and fixed latches that are locking or non-locking. Where the latch is locking, two keys are supplied with every lock. The adjustable latches have a quarter turn cam operation. Cams are sold separately.

These latches can be used for both left-hand and right-hand applications. Features 6mm of pre-set compression for improved noise isolation.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy with Rubber gasket
  • Finish: Black Powder Coated
  • DIN-EN 1774 Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • IP65 Standard

Compression Latches - T Handle

Compression Latch with a T Handle are hand-operated and have a fixed design. They are used in a range of access hardware applications and are a great choice for cabinets and access panels.

Our range is available with locking and non-locking options. All locking options are supplied with two keys. All latches are supplied with rubber sealing gasket and 6mm of pre-set compression to increase noise isolation.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Finish Options: Chrome Plated and Black Powder Coating

Compression Latches - Wing Knob

Compression Latch with a Wing Knob is an ideal choice when better sealing is required under vibration conditions. A popular choice for cabinets, access panels and other access hardware applications.

This compression latch range has a fixed design that are available in locking and non-locking options. Locking options are supplied with two keys. All latches are provided with 6mm of pre-set compression to increase noise isolation.

The latches require the use of standard cams without stoppers, which are sold separately.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Finishes: Chrome Plated and Black Powder Coating

Fixed Compression Cam Latches

Fixed Compression Cam Latches are a versatile, low-profile round design. Ideal for holding doors and panels shut while eliminating noises from vibration and panel movement.

The added compression allows for secure closure when IP/NEMA performance is required. It has been tested according to the DIN for vibration and shock. When the key is turned 180 degrees the cam moves to the fixing position.

It works in temperatures from -50 to +80 C.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Zamak, and Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Black, Natural, Silver

Flush Compression Lever Latches

Flush Compression Lever Latch with an offset trigger design. Provides good gasket compression and is easy to use. Suitable for left and right hand applications to secure doors, cabinets, or panels.

Suitable for a panel thickness of less than, and including, 2mm. It is available in a selection of adjustable grip range: 0-24mm, 24-46mm, 36-48mm, and 51-63mm.

These Latches come as either keyed alike (5333), keyed different or with no lock and supplied with 2 keys per lock.

  • Colour:Black

Lift and Turn Compression Latch

Lift and Turn Compression Lock is ideal for cabinets that require better sealing under vibration condition. The locks provides 5 mm of compression to increase noise isolation. The Cut out for this range is 16.5x13.7 mm.

Mini Adjustable Compression Latches

Mini Adjustable Compression Latches are IP65 rated and are made from Black Die-Cast Zinc. They offer a 4mm compression and are supplied with a sealing gasket. They allow for a simple adjustment of the grip range and are ideal for applications with a limited space. The keys that are compatible are sold separately

Offset Compression Lever Latches

Offset Compression Lever Latches are available in either a 0-24mm or 24-26mm adjustable grip range. They can come as either keyed alike, keyed different or with no locking mechanism. Where locking they are supplied with two keys per lock.

They are suitable for a panel thickness of less than, and including, 2mm and consist of an aesthetically pleasing trigger design. Made from die-cast zinc alloy, the latch is black powder coated to give a visually pleasing finish.

  • To suit M5 fixings (not supplied)
  • Provides good gasket compression
  • Easy to use compression latch
  • Trigger designs included: Raised, Flush and Over-Centre.

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