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Leaf Hinges

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Leaf hinges are one of the most common type of hinge used on entry and passage doors, and often on cabinet doors. The hinge consists of two leaf plates, hence the variation in name to leaf hinges. The leaf plates become invisible when hidden between the door and the frame, exposing only the barrel of the hinge and the pin that holds each leaf plate together.

Types of leaf hinges

Butt Hinges
Leaf and Flag - Standoff
Plastic Leaf Hinges

Mounting Options

We have a choice of materials to suit your application too, from metal, plastic and stainless steel. Choose from various mounting types including: Screw On, Countersunk, Open hole and Threaded

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Butt Hinges

Leaf & Flag Stand Off Hinges

Leaf and Flag Hinges are ideal for door removal when space to access inside of cabinet is difficult. The range comes in a choice of profiles and materials

Leaf Hinges - Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic Leaf Hinges or Flat Hinges are used for light weight support in application where no stress will be put on the screw fixing holes and angle rotation.

Leaf Hinges - Countersunk Mount

Leaf Hinges are a style of surface mount hinges with a flat leaf design, and are used for various applications. This Leaf Hinge range have a countersunk design that makes them an ideal choice for flush mounted doors and panels.

The surface mounted hinge range offers different formats of countersunk holes, depending on the strength of the support required by the application. Our Countersunk Hinges are provided in a choice of materials that suit the environmental demands of the application, whether that's indoor or outdoor exposure.

The material options include; hinges made from Aluminium, Die Cast Zinc Allow, Steel, and Stainless Steel countersunk hinge, and Polyamide surface mount hinge options. The surface mount hinge offer is suitable for M5 and M6 fixings, and is generally used on plain, flush mounted isolated, and heavy duty doors. Options are also available to that can be used on generators and machinery covers.

A broad choice of material finishes, including; Polished, Powder Coating, Anodised, Zinc and Chrome Plating, and Electro-polished - offering added protection and resistence, including corrosion resistance.

  • Maximum Rotation; 180 and 270 degrees
  • Leaf Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Round and Angled
  • Colours: Black, Clear, Natural and Silver

Leaf Hinges - Female Thread Insert Mount

The Leaf Hinges with Female Threaded Inserts are also recognised as Stand Off Hinges or Surface Mount Hinges. Made of Polyamide and fitted with Brass inserts, this range is resistant to oil, greases and most industrial chemicals. A selection of sizes for the hinge and the mounting screws are available.

Leaf Hinges - Half Threaded Stud & Half Counter Sunk

This range of Leaf Hinges is mounted with male stud on one leaf and countersunk screws on the oppostie leaf. The range of Surface Mount Leaf Hinges also referred as Stand Off Hinges is available in various materials to provice a solution to most applications.

Leaf Hinges - Male Stud Thread Insert Mount

The Leaf Hinges with Male Threaded Inserts are a flat leaf best suited for flush mounted doors. This range also referred as Surface Mount Hinges or Stand Off Hinges comes in various materials and stud sizes to provide a solution to most applications.

Leaf Hinges - Through Hole Mount with Cover Plate

This range of Leaf Hinges are mounted with pass-through holes being hexagonal  or countersunk. A screw cover gives the hinges a protection to the screw mount and an appealing aesthetic appearance. Made of re-inforced PA Glass Fibre, the 200 degrees rotation is secured by a rotation pin made of POM, providing strenght and anti-corrosion.

Lift-Off Flag Hinges - Screw on

Lift-Off Hinges are made up of two component parts that allow for door removal without any requirement to open the door. Flag Hinges are ideal for removable door or lid applications. Common Flag Hinge applications include; cabinets, control boxes, storage units, doors and any application where access to an interior is needed.

This range combines these two hinge functions; creating Lift Off Flag Hinges that allow for simultaneous movement of two hinged lids or cabinet doors. The lift-off hinges should be mounted on a vertical surface, which then allows horizontal movement for either hinged side.

This range features a choice of materials, including; Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel Lift Off Hinges.

  • Options suitable for left and right hand applications
  • Suitable for plain/ flush, isolated and heavy duty mounted doors
  • Screw/Bolt On design, with options that have concealed mounting screws that prevent access to hinge