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Tapered Caps & Plugs

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Tapered caps and plugs are the perfect solution for protection against debris, damage and contamination. Our versatile range is manufactured in LDPE and silicone and covers the strength and durability required of these essential components.

Types of Tapered Caps & Plugs in our range:

Shop various types and styles made from different materials in our range such as:

  • Heavy Duty - these caps and plugs, include a rugged wall and seal rings to ensure maximum protection.
  • Standard - designed to cap multiple O.Ds or plug multiple I.Ds
  • Wide Flange - due to the wide flange these provide greater protection, are easy to remove and are designed for use as both a cap and a plug.
  • High Temperature Tapered Plugs - reusable plugs designed to provide excellent chemical resistance, ideal for temperature exposed applications.
  • Covered Tapered Plugs - a general purpose plug that’s quick to fit and remove.
  • Collar Plugs - highly durable due to the thick walls of the plug and featuring a self-tapping design.

The breadth of sizes, materials and colours available, means we are confident we stock the right product to meet your specific applications and tolerances. Here at Essentra Components, you can order free samples before you commit, so why not try before you buy, to ensure the solution that best works for you?

For more information on our Caps & Plugs ranges, see our Caps & Plugs Application Guide.

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Tapered Caps & Plugs - Standard

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Tapered Plastic Plug Caps have two functions; plug and cap.

The Tapered Plug is used to plug the end of tubing, pipes, and bars. Tapered Pipe Plugs are desiged to fit snugly on to the end of a tube to keep liquid, dirt and other ingres out of the cavity - or indeed to help retain the contents that is within. Alternatively, Cap Plugs can be used as Tapered Caps. The Tapered Cap fits neatly over the outside diameter at the end of a tube, pipe or bar. This prevents dirt, dust, moisture, liquids and other contaniments from entering the cavity opening during manufacturing, masking, storage, and transportation.

Our Tapered Cap Plug range is made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This durable Plastic Plug Caps material protects the application from damage, as well as offering corrosion resistance.The Tapered Plug Caps range is suitable for a wide range of hole diameters, so you're sure to find a solution to suit your project requirments.

These Plug Caps are available in a choice of colour options, including; Black, Blue, Clear (Transparent), Red and Yellow.

  • Quick and Easy to install with a simply push-fit design.

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Tapered Caps & Plugs - Wide Flange

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The wide flange of these LDPE Tapered Caps & Plugs provides greater protection and easy removal. Designed for use as both a cap and a plug, they provide excellent protection from damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion during storage and transportation. Our range is available in Blue and Red.

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Tapered Caps & Plugs - Heavy Duty

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These LDPE Heavy Duty Tapered Caps & Plugs include a rugged wall and seal rings for maximum protection. The tapered profile allows the versatile part to plug multiple internal diameters or cap various external diameters. Our range is available in either Red or White.

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Covered Tapered Plugs

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Covered Tapered Plugs are use as a general purpose plug for a wide range of applications. Quick to fit and to remove, the convexed sides ensure a secure fit.

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High Temperature Tapered Plugs

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This range of high temperature masking plugs features Silicone Rubber Tapered Plugs, EPDM Tapered Plugs and other Tapered Rubber Plugs made from Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR).

This extensive range of Tapered Plugs is available as a solid plug or with a hollow core, to aid in compression. Solid and hollow core options are available in our EPDM and High Temperature Silicone Plugs ranges. The hollow centre provides a cost-effective solution for larger sizes. The hollow design is more flexible than solid plugs, and allows for easier application.

Our Tapered Rubber Plug range features Univesal Plugs made from TPR. The tapered plug is designed to mask holes without masking the surrounding areas, and a pull tab allows for easy installation and removal. Suitable for temperatures up to 125C.

  • Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Natural, Pink, Red and Yellow
  • Simple push-fit design

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Collar Plugs

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Our Collar Plugs, offered in orange LDPE, feature a self-tapping design. The thick walls of the Collar Plugs make them highly durable.

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