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Belt & Pulley

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The strong polyoxymethylene material in which our belt pulleys are made is suitable for flexible connections between elements and numerous suspending applications that require motion control by pulling, such as the suspension of clamps, bearings and gear wheels amongst other uses. Choose from various wheel diameters and widths to suit your specific application requirements.

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Pully Round

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These Round Belt Pulleys offer consistent power transmission. Designed for flexible connections between elements and suspended applications requiring motion traction control, they are useful for flexible connections between elements and suspended applications. They are also intended to reduce noise and vibration while in use. These pulleys' smooth surface finish and accurate balancing reduce friction and undesirable disturbances, resulting in a quieter operation and a more comfortable working environment.

Used iin applications that require a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective solution. Because of their adaptability and endurance, they are well suited for conveyor systems, printing presses, automotive components, and agricultural applications.

  • Material: POM
  • Colour: Natural

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