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Toggle Clamp Accessories

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Swivel foot toggle clamp spindle assemblies are the perfect alternative where the need for clamping force is spread over larger areas and surfaces. Choose from a number of cap diameters and thread sizes to suit your application. Much like swivel foot toggle clamp spindle assemblies, flat tip bonded neoprene spindle assemblies are again, an alternative to the original spindles supplied with toggle clamps. The durable steel spindle is designed to minimize surface marks and damage to fragile and polished surfaces. Various thread sizes and thread lengths make up this range so we are confident to have the right component for you. Also featured in our range of spindle assemblies are thrust pads. These components screw onto plunger tips on straight-line action clamps. To securely hold work pieces, the plunger pushes forward onto the thrust pad. Much like toggle clamps, thrust pad screws provide quick action clamping and our selection holds various thread sizes to support your project. Choose from M4, M5, M6, M8, M12 and M16 and a wide array of head thickness and head with across flats.
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Handle Grips - Toggle Clamp

Ergonomic Toggle Clamp Handle Grips provide a safe and comfortable gripping surface for vertical hold down clamps. These accessory parts act a guard and help protect against potential pinch points.

Soft Tipped Spindle

Flat Tip Bonded Neoprene Spindle Assemblies provide an alternative to the spindle provided with the toggle clamp. The steel spindle is durable while the flat neoprene tip minimizes marking on fragile or polished surfaces.

Swivel Foot Spindle

Swivel Foot Spindle Assemblies are ideal for use where a large area needs clamped. Use this alternative spindle assembly when the clamping force needs to be spread over a larger area and surface area than covered by the spindle provided with the toggle clamp.

Thrust Pad

Thrust Pads screw onto plunger tips for use in straight-line action clamps. The plunger pushes forward until the thrust pad is securely holding the work piece. These components are designed for quick action clamping with size variations and long opening and closing motions.