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Sheet Metal Plugs

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Sheet Metal Plugs are essential components in metal fabrication, designed to cover holes during transportation or provide a clean finish on completed products. They also protect internal threads from damage during transit.

These plugs can be easily inserted and removed without any additional fixing requirements, ensuring a seamless application process.

Applications & Uses

  • Transportation Protection: Blanks holes to prevent damage during transit.
  • Easy Application: Pushes in effortlessly without the need for fixing.
  • Clean Finish: Enhances the appearance of finished products.


Choose from a variety of materials such as nylon, LDPE, plastic, polyamide, rubber, and more to suit your specific needs.

Types of Sheet Metal Plugs:

We also stock variouys specialty plugs including body plugs, vent plugs, and locking metal fabrication plugs.

These versatile plugs are ideal for a wide range of applications, ensuring both protection and aesthetic appeal in your metal fabrication projects.

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Blanking Plugs

Blanking Plugs, also know as Blanking Caps or Hole Blanking Plugs, are used in the sheet metal industry. They provide protection against sharp edges, and are ideal for closing panel cavities. A handy hole plug, they protect against dust and other forms of ingress during the cleaning and manufacturing process.

Our range features rubber hole blanking plugs made from black Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) or black Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Benefiting from acid resistance, these panel plugs are ideal for metal panels. The PVC version can withstand temperatures of up to 50C, and the TPR option can withstand temperatures ranging between -40C and 135C - making it a super versatile choice.

We also have a range plastic blanking plugs in black Ethylene-butylacrylate Copolymer (EBA) plug blanking options - suitable in applications where body plugs are required to protect against sharp edges. This plug can withstand temperatures from -30C up to a maximum of +50C. Perhaps browse our range of hole plugs made from clear copolyester - a strong thermoplastic resin that's highly popular. This blanking plug features a flat head that helps minimise distortion.

Blanking caps offer a clean finish and are and easy to use, quick solution. They large selection to suit hole diameter and panel thickness, so you are sure to find an option to suit your application needs.

Body Plugs

These Body plugs are great for closing panel cavities and firmly sealing apertures or holes such as sharp edges. They act as a protective barrier, preventing dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering and potentially causing harm or compromising the enclosed space's integrity.

It has a clean finish and a tight and secure fit thanks to a push fit. They can tolerate temperatures ranging from -40C to 135C. Used in various applications, including automotive, industrial equipment, and machinery.

  • Material:TPR, Silicone, TPE
  • Colour: Black

Domed Blanking Plugs

These Domed Blanking Plugs are suitable for sealing sheet metal panel cavities and are meant to seal off gaps in the sheet metal sector for equipment or machinery as a safeguard against sharp edges. They also act as a secure barrier, preventing dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering.

When placed, the domed form gives a nice and clean finish and helps to deflect impacts, lowering the chance of damage to the plug or the equipment it is put into. They are corrosion-resistant and electrically insulating.

Simple to install as they are made to fit tightly into the opening they're sealing, ensuring a secure fit. They come in a large offering to suit hole diameter and panel thickness and are used in industries including manufacturing, construction, and electronics.

Push-In Cable Blanking Plug

These Push-in Cable Blanking Plugs are used to protect against sharp edges at the end of a pneumatic tube or hose and to offer waterproof protection for spare apertures to be closed. It keeps dust, dirt, and other impurities out and is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.

It is IP97-compliant and accommodates typical Metric and PG sizes. They give a clean finish and a rapid solution and are available in various sizes to accommodate hole diameter and panel thickness.

Simple to install and remove thanks to the push fit into the application. Suitable for a wide range of sheet metal industry applications, including electrical panels, control cabinets, and junction boxes.

Sheet Metal Plugs

Sheet Metal Plugs are used to blank holes during transportation or can be used on finished products to provide a clean finish. The Nylon (PA 66) plug protects the handler from fabricated holes associated with hazardous shards. They can also be used to protect internal threads from damage in transportation.

Available in three colours, usefule for the purpose of colour identification or to match finished product aesthetics.

Sheet Metal Plugs can be easily pushed into applications without any fixing requirement and can easily be removed.

  • Used to blank holes during transportation.
  • Easily pushes into applications without the need for fixing.
  • Provides a clean finish to your applications.
Material: PE-HD, PA66
Colour: Black, Grey, White
Material Flammability Standard:

Sheet Metal Plugs - Variable Hole

Sheet Metal Plugs are used to blank holes during transportation and can be used on finished sheet metal products, to provide a clean finish. The plug protects the handler from machine cut holes, in the sheet metal, containing hazardous shards around the edges.

The plug can also protect internal threads from damage during transportation. The variable hole part design allows each part to plug a variety of sheet metal hole sizes.

This is an interesting choice if your project requires multiple holes to be protected, yet you prefer a consistent design for a great overall appearance. Typically used in a variety of sheet metal panel applications, on products from various industries.

  • Used to blank holes during transportation.
  • Protects internal threads from damage during transportation.
  • Used in sheet metal panel applications on products from different industries.
Material: ABS
Colour: Black
Material Flammability Standard:

Snap-Fit Blanking Plugs

Snap-Fit Blanking Plugs are used in various applications to seal and preserve unused holes or apertures. These plugs have been carefully developed to offer a secure and dependable seal without extra fasteners or adhesives.

The snap-fit mechanism provides a secure connection, preventing inadvertent removal or displacement even when subjected to pressure or vibration. It offers high impact resistance and keeps dust, moisture, and other pollutants out of the hole.

It is easy to install, requiring only a push or snap into place, without needing tools. Suitable for various sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, and construction.

Solid Locking Plugs

These Solid Locking Plugs seal and protect the holes in sheet metal panels. It is intended to produce a tight and secure fit, preventing dust, debris, or other undesired particles from entering.

It is resistant to impact, chemicals, and environmental influences. They keep the hole from being rusted or damaged. Each item is compatible with a variety of standard sheet metal thicknesses.

They can be inserted into the hole by hand or using a tool. Slip a tool into the hole and pry it out to remove the plug. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from blocking access points in machinery or equipment to sealing unused ports in electrical gadgets.

Vent Plugs

Vent Plugs are innovative and versatile plugs designed to provide effective sealing solutions while allowing controlled ventilation in a wide range of applications. These plugs are engineered to excel in industries such as automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, where pressure differentials or temperature variations may occur. With their unique characteristics and numerous benefits, Vent Plugs offer a reliable solution to seal openings and regulate airflow.

One of the main characteristics of Vent Plugs is their high-quality construction. These plugs are typically made from durable materials such as rubber or silicone, ensuring excellent sealing performance and long-lasting durability. They feature a compact design with a secure fit, preventing air, moisture, and contaminants from entering or escaping the sealed space. Additionally, Vent Plugs are designed with integrated venting features, allowing controlled ventilation while maintaining a reliable seal. This venting capability is essential in applications where pressure equalization or temperature regulation is crucial to prevent damage or malfunctions.

  • Material: Stainless Steel, PA
  • Colour: Natural, Grey, Black, White, Brass
  • Material Flammability Standard: UL94 V-2