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Card Ejector

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PCB Card Ejectors

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PCB Card ejectors aid card insertion and extraction. Leverage against guide rack or chassis ejects board. Prevent undue stresses and protect the components, circuitry and connectors in PCB support systems. CBE - Snaps into .109 hole. RCP - Spring Pins for installation supplied"

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PCB Card Inserters & Extractors

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Card ejectors are fitted to PCBs to aid removal of the card from a restricted space. PCB Pullers and Ejectors are mounted directly onto the board, providing a handle so the technician can pull the board without touching any of the circuitry. Ejectors act as a lever, using mechanical force against a guide rack or chassis to move the board out. Level action ejectors aids card insertion and extraction

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PCB Card Pullers

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Attaches to a circuit board for ease of pulliing out and pushing back into position. Curved tab for fingertip grip. Snaps into two 0.125 diameter holes in a 1/16" nominal board.

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