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Cable Entry Systems

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Our EPDM cable entry plates are a great example of our commitment to providing innovative solutions for cable management. Our EPDM plates are made from a rubber-like material that provides excellent durability and protection against harsh environments. These plates can come with various pre-punched holes or a solid plate that allows you to drill cable entry holes on-site to suit your specific requirements.

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Cable Entry Plates

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Cable entry plates can be easily used to insert and seal cables of varying diameter ranges in a secure enclosure. The TPE closures create a ‘re-sealing’ membrane around the cable, for effortless and timesaving installation. Locking hooks hold the plate in place (optional fixing with M5 screws).

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Modular Cable Entry Plate

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Modular Cable Entry Plates provide a tool-free, adaptable and time saving solution for installing cables into a housing wall. The modular structure (up to 5 separate rows containing 25 grommets in total) provides a completely flexible solution allowing users to add and / or remove our range of Plate Mounted Membrane Entry Grommets that come in a range of 8 different cable diameter sizes and can be found for sale in our Membrane Entry Grommets range.

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