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Press-Fit Bumper Feet

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Bumper feet or simply bumpers as they are often called, provide excellent skid resistance and are securely mounted with screws. They are commonly used on houseware, small appliances and can be used as spacers or door stops. Common industries where you would find Essentra Components range of feet are electronics, consumer appliances, industrial and machinery, retail and display and datacom. We offer different mounting types – push fit, screw on and self-adhesive and various different shapes to support your choice of application. We have you covered in terms of usage choice too with bumper feet suitable for use as surface protection, on appliances, industrial machinery and more.
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Inserts & Bumpers - Threaded

Inserts & Bumpers - Threaded can be used as a leveling device or bumper for small equipment. The non-corrosive stud and foot material is durable and resists harsh environments.

Push Fit Bumpers & Rubber Feet - Bumper

Rubber Bumper Feet, which are sometimes referred to as Grommet Feet or Rubber Supports, are made from Black Silicone Rubber. They can be used as glides, bumpers, closures, slides, and stops across an array of applications.

These Push In Grommet Feet have a press-fit stem that holds the bumper securely in place - helping to protect surfaces from contact.

The Silicone that these Rubber Mounting Feet are made from has a hardness rating of Shore 63A and is UL94 HB flame resistant.

  • Operating Temperature: -40C up to 150C.

Push Fit Bumpers & Rubber Feet - Bumper Feet

Push In Rubber Feet, commonly known as Bumper Feet, Rubber Bumpers or Rubber Feets, have a variety of uses, such as; rubber feet for chairs, glides, bumpers, slides, rubber bump stops, and more - for a range of applications.

Also known as Rubber Push; these Push In Feet have a simple but secure push fit design that holds the rubber foot firmly in place, helping to protect surfaces from contact.

Our Rubber Foot range is available in a choice of materials, including; Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). As such, our Push In Rubber Feet benefit from flexibility and are lightweight. These Rubber Bumper Feet are ideal for low temperature environment. They are tough, and have excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Colours: Black and Transparent (Clear)

Rubber Stops

These rubber stops have rectangular double female or double male options. They are made from black zinc plated steel and rubber.