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Weld On Hinges

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What is a Weld-On Hinge?

Weld on hinges are used across industries such as construction, automotive and electronics. These hinges are the perfect alternative to traditional hinge types and are capable of withstanding substantial loads. Often referred to as bullet hinges, weld-on hinges have clean, uninterrupted leaves with no holes. They still share the classic hinge design with two interlocking halves that meet in the middle. This joint, called the knuckle, is secured by a central pin.

Our range offers hinges made from brass, steel, aluminium and stainless steel, with various sizes to choose from.

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Weld On Hinges - Bullet

Weld On Bullet Hinges, or simply Bullet Hinges, are versatile lift-off hinges with a very simple design. These welding hinges provide a compact and strong method to attach metal doors to metal frames that's also aesthetically pleasing.

Weldable bullet hinges are an ideal choice for narrow frames where other hinge types take up too much space. They are also known as weld on barrel hinges, and are a type of welding hinge that is stylish, yet robust - suitable for an array of applications. Our range features weld on hinges made from aluminium, steel and stainless steel. With brass, steel or stainless steel pin and washer options.

  • Available with or without grease nipple.

Weld-On Hinges - Metal

Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Weld on Hinges operate by a very simple design. The Steel versions are available with either a steel or brass pin and are extremely versatile in terms of their application uses. They are available with or without a grease nipple and come in 2 different types. The Aluminium version comes with a stainless steel washers and also in 2 different types