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Nuts & Washers
  • Ensuring your applications are tightly fastened and consistently held together can be a challenge. At Essentra Components we stock a huge selection of nuts and washers for standard and specialised needs with varying material types such as our Nylon Flat Washers or Metal Washers. We also stock everything from Hex Nuts, Dome Nuts, Wing Nuts and Thumb Nuts all with quality in mind. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.

Rods & Screws
  • Explore our range of rods and screws at Essentra Components. Our threaded studs and rods are ideal for applications where a screw head is not needed or space is precious. Fastening completely into material, they can be threaded right down into the application. Our high-quality screws, ensure your product is held together through rigorous use, securely fastening vital components. Featured in our range of screws are, Countersunk, ideal for applications where there can be no protruding head on show and our Hex Head Screws are the ideal fasteners for mechanically securing materials.

Rivets & Panel Fastening
  • Our rivets and furniture fasteners ranges have so many possibilities and are sure to solve your design and manufacturing needs. For furniture applications, we have a whole range that are strong and easy to install such as Furniture Connectors, Furniture Fasteners, Furniture Cams and Furniture Joints. For more demanding applications such as Automotive or Electronic, our Rivets offer high temperature stability and durability, including Plastic Rivets, Nylon Rivets, Fir Tree and Push Rivets. Can't decide on which solution you need? View our range of guides and handy tips, Design Engineer's guide to Fasteners and A Quick Guide to buying Fasteners.

Pin Fasteners
  • Shop various types of Pin Fasteners at Essentra Components. Featured in our range are industrial pins, pin lanyards and clevis pins. Pin Fasteners have endless uses across a huge amount of applications. That is why our range is full different types to ensure we have the right solution for your application and project needs.

Spacers & Standoffs
  • Designing and building for white goods, electrical cabinets or office equipment and machinery, demands the ability to manage conductivity and space. Our range offers an extensive array of Spacers and Standoffs to support, lock, space or guide your application. Our Non threaded spacers are designed to be installed by hand and do not require assembly equipment. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are available in several different materials in a wide array of sizes.