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Corner Edge Protectors

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Our range of corner and edge protectors are designed to protect your products during transit, handling and storage. Designed to increase safety and minimise potential damage, we offer a variety of products in various materials dependant on your requirement.
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Corner Protectors

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Corner Protectors are used to cover sharp or delicate corners against damage during transit and storage. Their capacity to withstand regular wear and tear gives them remarkable durability and reliability. Whilst their design ensures a snug and secure fit that is simple to install and remove by pushing it. Commonly used in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

These protectors are offered in standard, open, expandable, heavy duty, and three way corner styles.

  • Material: LDPE, PP
  • Colour: Black, White, Natural

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Edging Strip

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Edging Strips create a border or edge around a surface and protect and boost the safety of sharp or delicate edges and corners. These strips have an uneven design that can fit any shape, including irregular ones.

They protect sensitive edges from wear and tear while absorbing impact and preventing direct contact between the surface and potential risks. Its installation is usually simple and may be completed with little effort and without additional tools. Commonly used in industrial, commercial, furniture, and automotive applications.Please note that there is no steel insert inside them.

  • Material: LDPE, PVC
  • Colour: Black

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Edge Protector

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These Edge Protectors are used to protect plastic strapping and exposed corners. It improves stacking strength stabilises, and supports objects during travel, handling, and storage. They also serve as a buffer, absorbing shocks and spreading force uniformly along their length.

It is simple to install and remove without the usage of tools. Commonly used in industrial, commercial, and electronic settings.

  • Material: PP, LDPE, PVC, EPDM;PVC, HDPE
  • Colour: Black, Natural, White, Grey, Blue

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