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Bushing Bearing

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Bushing bearings known simply as bushings or as bearings, are a type of bearing used for reducing friction and wear, supporting load, and limiting the size of bores. Available in our range are shouldered plate bearings. The split in the material allowed for a simple twist installation to provide ease when applying the bushing. Industries that regularly use split bush bearings include the agricultural industry – particularly in agricultural equipment and other industries such as the automotive and construction industries.
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Bearing Bushings - Shouldered Plate Bearing

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These Bearing Bushings are made to reduce friction and provide smooth rotational and sliding movement. Because of their shouldered plate, they also have great stability, load-bearing capability, and longevity. Unlike their metal counterparts, their plastic material is corrosion resistant and reduces noise and vibration.

Given their split design, they are simple to install; thread the bearing into the bore using the offset spacing. Commonly used for various applications, including automotive, industrial machinery, medical devices, and agricultural equipment.

  • Material: PA
  • Colour: Natural

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