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  • Our protection caps are designed to protect exposed ends and threads from damage and contamination, which could affect the lead-times, cost and quality of your project throughout manufacturing, transit, and shipping stages.

    • Offering plastic caps that cover a wide range of materials to meet the rigorous demands of your industry.
    • A large selection of designs that give flexibility of choice, depending on your needs; with a range of sizing options in end caps or application preferences that offer speed, in screw caps.
    • Check out plugs and high-temperature masking, for additional safety for your applications.

  • Our plugs come in various styles and materials, and help protect your manufactured parts during process, shipping or storage.

    • These stoppers have durable properties, with a secure fit that provide maximum protection from damage and contaminants. They also help prevent loss of liquids, are easy to replace, and are marked with fitting direction and removal.
    • Widely used in automotive, manufacturing, and construction; our range is designed to accommodate a variety of applications, depending on your key parameters, whether dimensional or ease of removal to gain substantial time saving.
    • Choose from threaded plugs that cater to most Metric and Imperial thread standards, to parallel plugs with a variety of styles and a multitude of size options.
    • Take advantage of our caps, tube plugs, inserts, and glides, ensuring complete protection for your parts.

High Temperature Masking
  • Discover our range of high-temperature masking solutions, made from materials with various operating temperatures to suit your application.

    • Provide a precise masking solution to protect components, from contamination and damage, during the process of surface treatment associated to shot blasting, powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, or wet painting.
    • Choose from high temperature masking caps and high temperature masking plugs, used in critical stages of manufacturing, which are often exposed to trial.
    • Explore our range of high temperature masking tape and powder-coating hooks.

Hose Protection
  • Hose Protection components are made from robust materials that ensure durability and high performance for your parts and that protect your full hydraulic hose protection assembly.

    • Our components have been developed to meet or surpass industry standards, and the high demand from both environment and application. They provide good insulating capabilities, as well as temperature, abrasion, and burst resistance on hydraulic hoses, and ease of installation for longevity and reliability.
    • Check out our range of hose service plugs, point of contact protectors, ring seals, hydraulic hose clamps and hydraulic hose straps.

Pipe & Flange Protection
  • Take a look at our pipe and flange protection solutions, designed with or without vent holes to prevent pressure build when moving pipes across the globe.

    • Ideal for preserving the structural integrity and operational efficiency of pipes and flanges, in demanding applications, as heavy pipes frequently deteriorate during manufacturing, storage and shipping.
    • Select from pipe chocks to secure heavy pipes, flange covers, and a variety of pipe protection caps.
    • Take advantage of our security seals & transit protection, caps, and plugs that ensure a complete protection solution.

Security Seals & Transit Protection
  • Our security seals and transit protection ensures tamper resistance and transit protection, controlling access to an area or offering product tracking, as your goods are moved around the world in the optimal and safest conditions.

    • Commonly used in logistics, transportation, and automotive for parts such as vehicle doors, bulk tankers, engines, safety equipment or cash machines.
    • We have a large selection of tamper evident security seals and tamper evident labels, with various designs to accommodate your needs, such as; pull tight, fixed length, and barrier seals.
    • With our extensive selection of tube plugs, inserts and glides, and hose protection, you can ensure a comprehensive approach to your protection needs.

Tube Plugs, Inserts & Glides
  • Discover our tube plugs, inserts, and glides, made from durable materials specially designed to enhance the aesthetics of your tube.

    • Ideal for protection and seal tubes, it securely protect the end of your tube from ingress of contaminants and protect the operators handling the tube from the sharp edges on the end cut.
    • Commonly used in manufacturing, and automotive for parts such as tube ends, or conveyor rollers.
    • Additionally our ranges cover square threaded inserts, round threaded inserts and rectangular threaded inserts to enable the addition of a castor or a foot if required. These threaded inserts comes in various sizes and finishes.
    • Don't forget to check out our tube connectors to build a complete control system.