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Gas LPG Cylinder Caps & Plugs

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Our range of push fit Gas Cylinder caps guarantee protection against ingress and dirt. These tamper evident caps are made from LDPE and available with or without the vent flap. To prevent gas leaks we stock LPG Gas Caps made from black LDPE. These gas cylinder seal caps provide a quality rubber seal to gas cylinders and perform well under pressure when it comes to extreme temperatures and elements.
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Gas Cylinder Valve Caps

Gas cylinder valve cap is designed to protect industrial and LPG gas cylinder valve threads when they are not used. It protects from the entry of moisture, dirt, dust or other contaminants. It is fitted with a vent flap to allow the safe release of gas following the accidental opening of the valve. It can differentiate full from empty cylinders.

They are simple to install and remove and provide an airtight seal to maintain the integrity of the gas in the cylinder. It is commonly used in laboratories, medical industry, and construction applications.

  • Material: LDPE, HDPE
  • Colour: Yellow

LPG Gas Caps

LPG Caps were developed with the LPG industry to help prevent dangerous gas leaks. They meet the LP Gas Association Code of Practice 15. Its design incorporates a strap to help prevent loss and ease of replacement. It withstands pressures while providing a gas-tight seal, even under extreme temperatures and adverse conditions.

It also prevents debris and contaminants from entering the application. It is easy to use or remove. Used in warehousing to protect LPG gas cylinders, in the storage of applications, construction and automotive industry.

  • Material: HDPE
  • Colour: Black