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Slide & Swell Latches

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Slide latches and swell latches are mechanical fasteners used to secure doors, windows, or other objects. A slide latch typically involves a sliding mechanism engaging with a strike plate or catch, holding components together when closed. On the other hand, a swell latch relies on a swelling or expanding mechanism, triggered by turning a knob or handle to tightly grip the strike plate or catch.

Swell Latches: Quick and easy to install, swell latches serve as fasteners for applications requiring alignment and anti-vibration.

Sliding Snap Latches: One of the benefits of sliding latches is that you can use these on cabinet side panels as well, to quickly & easily remove the panel when maintenance is needed and then attach it again when done.

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Sliding Snap Latches

Our range of Sliding Snap Latches have a quick slide movement release catch. They are suitable for small size doors and the range offers a solution for different panel thickness and locking requirements to add security.

Swell Latches

Swell Latches are quick and easy to install. They are used as a fastener for applicactions requiring alignment and anti vibration. A selection for cut out is required depending on the frame thickness.