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Square Tube Inserts & Glides

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Square tube inserts and glides are designed to serve as end caps for square tubing, providing a secure fit and protection from sharp edges. These components are made from various materials, including HIPS, LDPE, PA6, and plastic, to meet diverse application needs.

The primary functions of square tube inserts and glides include:

  • Protection: They shield the ends of square tubes from damage and prevent injuries from sharp edges.
  • Stability: They help stabilize furniture and equipment by providing a firm base.
  • Aesthetics: They offer a finished appearance to the ends of square tubes, enhancing the overall look of the product.
  • Durability: They extend the lifespan of the tubes by preventing wear and tear.

Available in fitting types such as push fit inserts and threaded, square tube inserts and glides can be ribbed wall, plain wall or threaded for additional security. These components are widely used in various applications, including:

  • Furniture & Metal Fabrication
  • Furniture Finishing
  • Mechanical Components
  • Multi-Purpose Components

For more detailed information on the different types and applications of tube inserts, you can explore guides such as the "Ultimate guide to tube inserts" and "What are threaded tube inserts?" available in the Knowledge Centre.

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Square Threaded Tube Inserts

Threaded Tube Inserts are also known as Box Section Threaded Inserts or Threaded Fittings. These Square Threaded Tube Inserts allow external hardware, such as Adjustable Feet, to be used in conjunction with a square tube, pipe, or box section.

Our extensive Threaded Square Tube Inserts range features numbers materials, including; Nylon 6, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Cast Aluminium Alloy and Steel. With options suitable for heavy duty applications, offering a high load capacity, as well as standard duty applications.

  • Metal Thread gives a smooth repeated adjustment
  • Horizontal options available
  • Threaded for a secure screw
  • For use with; Adjustable Feet, Tilt Glides, Machine Feet, Castors, and other hardware...

Angled Square Inserts

Angled Square Inserts have an angled base making them perfect for pipe ends or irregular surfaces and for tubes that meet angled surfaces.It can be used in furniture assembly, such as chairs or furniture legs, and in construction.

This range of Angle Square Inserts are designed to be easy to insert, and made from a material that allows them to be durable and long-lasting.

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE), Nylon
  • Colour: Black

Domed Square Inserts

Domed square inserts are used to finish off and protect square tubes or box sections. They provide an attractive and professional finish to high quality tubular products and protect them from dirt, dust and other debris. They can be used as chair leg inserts and tube caps, and are especially common in the construction and furniture manufacturing industry. It is quick and easy to install and remove.

  • Material: PE
  • Colour: Black

Square Inserts & Glides

Square Inserts and Glides provide a finished look and offer protection to the end of square tubing, poles and posts. Two designs available; ribbed for maximum grip that can be used on multiple tube guages or with a plain shank that fits one tube guage specifically, giving you a step lead for easy installation.

Designed to provide a tight fitting connection on a variety of tubular products. Some of the range help prevent against damage to floors or other surfaces, as well as tube protection from external elements.

They come in a variety of options and styles; standard square ribbed inserts, lightweight square inserts, and metallic square inserts. Typically used in furniture and industrial equipment applications. The versatility of materials, finishes and colours provides a choice to maximize the aesthetical appearance and premium fit for your application.

  • Finishing product used for square tubular products.
  • Ideal for use on furniture and industrial equipment.
  • Helps prevent damage to floors and protect the tube from external elements.
Material: ABS, PA6, PE-LD, PE, Butyrate, HIPS, STEEL - LOW CARBON, TPR
Colour: Silver, Black, White, Mid Grey, Clear, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Dark Grey, Grey
Material Flammability Standard:

Square Tube Inserts - Multi Purpose

Multi-function Square Tube Inserts are an ideal choice when aesthetics of your final product is not a priority. They fit tightly into square tubing, posts or poles and prevent contamination, while offering safety, and a clean finish from sharp edges on freshly cut tubes.

A practical and cost-effective range that includes thinner walls and a wide variety of sizes, fulfilling the essential requirement of tube insert protection. They are a practical choice, particularly if the appearance of your application is not a crucial factor.

Easy to install by hand-pressing or with the use of a mallet, resulting in a quick and efficient assembly process. They can be used in machine building or any application where structural tubing is required.

  • Fits tightly into square tubing, posts or poles.
  • Easy to install by hand-pressing or with a mallet.
  • Used in machine building or where structural tubing is required.
Material: PE-LD
Colour: Black
Material Flammability Standard: