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Heavy Duty Locks & Latches

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At Essentra Components, our heavy duty locks and latches are meticulously designed to safeguard valuable equipment, reinforce doors, and secure compartments, offering a secure solution for various applications.

These heavy-duty locking solutions prioritise both form and function, setting the standard for reliability in every use case.

Flush Cup Recessed T Handle Latches

  • Combine functionality and durability.
  • Designed for seamless integration.

Locking Paddle Latches

  • Commonly used latch mechanism in various applications.
  • Secures doors, panels, gates, cabinets, and enclosures.
  • Consists of a handle or paddle for easy operation.
  • Operated with a slam-shut mechanism.  
  • Includes a locking mechanism for secure closure.

Paddle Latch Locking Catches

  • Purchased to use in conjunction with our locking paddle latches.
  • Combines strength and versatility for comprehensive security solutions.
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Flush Cup Recessed T Handle Latch

This range of T Handles are best suited for large door cabinet panels. The stainless steel material and IP65 rating make these heavy duty locks suitable for hazardous environments.

Locking Paddle Latch

A Paddle Latch is a recessed release handle, commonly found on enclosure doors and access panels. Sometimes known as a Paddle Lock; they work by simply pulling the release mechanism, the paddle latch bar is retracted and the door can then be opened.

Our Paddle Latches have a locking mechanism, available in Eurokey or Keyed Different. The paddle latch lock cylinder can be opened from the inside by moving the cam, and they are keyed alike with Stainless Steel.The Paddle Lock Latch range is supplied with one key.

Our Locking Paddle Latch offer is available in a choice of body and handle materials, including; Steel and Polyamide (PA). The Steel Paddle Latch range is offered with Black Powder Coating or Zinc Plating, and a choice of Brass or Steel cam material. The PA Paddle Locks are available with a Brass cam.

These push to close Paddle Latch products have either a 'long cam' or a 'slam shut' operation.

  • IP54 rated.

Paddle Latch Locking Catch

This Cam Striking Plate is required in conjunction with the Locking Paddle Latch that is slam shut operated. It is made of Steel and is Zinc Plated finished.

Handle Turn Cam Latches - T Handle

Handle Turn Cam Latches feature an T-shaped handle. They are commonly used cabinet and furniture applications.

The cam latches compression allows for a more secure seal where IP/NEMA performance is required. This also allows for improved insulation against noise and vibration conditions.

With locking and non-locking options to choose, you are sure to find a solution for your application.

  • Lock Type options; Keyed Alike, Keyed to Differ, Keyed CH751, Keyed J327 and Keyless
  • Several mounting orientations; Left-hand, Right-hand and Universal
  • Screw mount design

Quarter Turn Slam Shut Latches

This range of Quarter Turn Locks are fitted with a cam that lifts and returns when the door is closed. The range proposes a left hand or a right hand with a 5 mm double bit head driver.