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Adhesive Discs

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Featured in our range of adhesive discs are various components often found in the point-of-sale sector but regularly used in other applications too.

Glue Dot Adhesive Dots – available in various tack levels that are much safer and actually faster to use than hot glue, are pressure-sensitive patterns of rubber-based adhesive offering instant bonding. Choose from low, medium and high profiles in our range.

Sealing discs – these clear adhesive-based discs are available in a choice of permanent or removal bond options and various sizes to support your project requirements.

CD Hubs – offering three times the compression set resistance of standard CD hubs, are used in various point-of-sale situations. These cost-effective components are used to attach CDs & DVDs to brochures, direct mailers, promotional materials and much more.

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Adhesive Dots - Glue Dots

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These hot melt Adhesive Glue Dots are pressure sensitive double sided adhesive dots designed to enable rapid bonding and secure connection. There are three kinds of bonds available in this range of Glue dots: vertical hold, removable, and permanent.

Unlike traditional liquids, their instant adherence allows for quick and effective assembly or attachment of materials without the need for extra support or clamps. They are ideal for manufacturing, industrial applications, packing, bindery, printing, and product assembly.

  • Colour: Translucent

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Clear Adhesive Discs

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These spherical Sealing Discs seal and secure a range of products due to their strong adhesive backing, which prevents the discs from peeling off or getting loose.

Ideal for an economical, professional finish. This series has two varieties: one with an acrylic-based bond removable for applications and one with a permanent bond.

It is simple to apply by peeling away the backing and exposing the sticky surface and pressing it onto the surface. There is an option for centre perforation or plain discs, and it is commonly used in various applications, including packaging, labelling, and product security.

  • Colour: Clear

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