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Torque & Index Hinges

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Torque or index hinges are frequently used in gates, and heavy-duty applications. Our range features torque and index hinges made from metal, plastic and stainless steel with types including adjustable and set position on offer.

In terms of mounting options, choose from countersunk, open hole and screw on. 

Benefits of using torque hinges:

  • Controlled Movement: Torque hinges provide controlled resistance to movement, allowing for smooth and stable positioning of doors, lids, panels, and displays. This helps in maintaining the desired angle or position without additional support.
  • Elimination of Secondary Supports: With torque hinges, there's often no need for additional mechanical supports such as gas struts or stay bars. The hinge itself can hold components in place, simplifying design and reducing parts.
  • Improved Safety: By preventing sudden movements, torque hinges reduce the risk of injuries caused by accidental closures or openings. This is particularly important in applications involving heavy or large components.

Head over to our Knowledge Centre for more information about our range of hinges, including:

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Adjustable Torque Hinges - w/Leaf Screw

Adjustable Torque Hinges are operate with a single torque adjustment using the screw. They are used to hold doors or panels in position. The adjusting screw is made from stainless steel. The medium hinge is suitable for M4 fixings and the large hinge is suitable for M6 fixings both of which are not supplied

Adjustable Torque Hinges - w/Pin Screw

Torque Hinges, also known as Friction Hinges, provide resistance to the hinges pivoting motion. This feature makes them ideal for applications, such as bonnets, lids, access panels, hatch covers and display devices, at specific angles for extended periods of time.

We offer Torque Hinges with screw adjustment; which articulate and hold the panel in position, thus eliminating the need for a gas strut or lid stay. The torque value can be adjusted by turning the inbuilt screw. Our Adjustable Hinges are made from Aluminium with a choice of either a Clear or Black Anodised finish.

  • M6 Female and M5 Male Screw Fittings
  • Leaf Shapes: Square and Rectangular.

Constant Torque Hinges - Position Controlled

These Constant Torque Hinges, also known as Position Control Hinges, articulate and hold the panel in position, thus eliminating the need for a gas strut or lid stay.

The Constant Torque Hinge torque value is fixed to a specific value, requiring no adjustment through its lifecycle.

Our Constant Torque Position Control Hinges include hinges made from a variety of materials, such as; Stainless Steel, Polyamide (PA) and Zinc Alloy.

  • Colour: Black

Dual Axis Torque Hinge

These Dual Axis Torque Hinges are made from Stainless Steel and are ideal for use as pivoting monitor mounts. The fixed torque value allows the hinge to swivel in a smooth and controlled fashion in either direction.

Set Position Hinge Every 30 degree

Detent Hinges are Torque Hinges indented every 30 degrees allowing panels to be positioned and maintained withough auxiliary components. The torque is factory preset and cannot be modified by users. Made of Anodised Aluminiumm, a choice of finish is available for aesthetic appeal. Several torque values are available.