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Castors & Wheels

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How does a castor wheel work?

Castor wheels function by letting an object or vehicle to move in any direction by revolving around a primary pivot point. A bracket, which may be fixed or swivel, is used to support the wheel. Greater manoeuvrability and ease of direction change are made possible by the wheel's capacity to rotate 360 degrees thanks to the swivel bracket.

The actual wheel often comprises an inner core made of metal or another sturdy material to offer support and stability, and an outer tread made of rubber, plastic, or another substance to provide traction. A castors key purpose is to facilitate the easy movement of the item it's affixed to.

The castor wheels rotate around the swivel point when an object is moved, enabling it to travel in any direction.

Types of castors and wheels

Castors and wheels are used in a number of industries and applications for different uses. Some of the types include: 


  • Designed for use on household items and heavy objects such as washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances.
  • Generally smaller in size compared to other castor wheels.
  • They are easy to install and maintain.

Heavy Duty:

  • Used in industrial settings for moving heavy objects.
  • Have larger wheels and bearings to support the weight of heavy loads.
  • Some heavy-duty castor wheels have locking mechanisms to prevent movement during use.


  • Specifically designed for rough and hazardous environments.
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and exposure to moisture.
  • Provides improved shock absorption and reduces noise during movement.

Office and Retail Furniture:

  • Used for office chairs, desks, and furniture items and in domestic settings.
  • Easy to install and manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • Some office and retail furniture castors have a locking mechanism.


  • Designed for use in industrial machines and heavy equipment.
  • Can withstand high loads and intense vibrations.
  • May have different designs like dual wheel or swivel, depending on the intended use.

Light duty:

  • Light-duty castors are ideal for indoor applications with lighter load requirements.
  • They have a lower load capacity
  • These castors are most commonly made of lightweight materials such as plastic or rubber.

We stock stainless steel castors, rubber castor wheels, metal and plastic. We supply brake locking and non-locking castors too.

In addition to castors, we stock a large selection of castor fittings and caster wheels and if you still require further information, be sure to check out our Guide to Demystifying Castor Terms.

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Castor Fittings

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A mixture of Castor Fittings, including; castor fitting plates, metal or plastic sockets, gripneck and threaded stems. Compatible with castors with a blind hole mount. Choose according to desired attachment method and size of castor mounting holes. A choice of material options to suit your application needs.

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Castor Wheels

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We offer a wide selection of Castor Wheels to suit an array of applications, across several industries. Our wheels are available in materials including; Polyamide, Polyurethane, Rubber and Thermoplastic. A great choice of colours to choose from too, such as; Red, Blue, Grey, Black and White - in a range of sizes and load capactities to suit your purpose.

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Catering Castors

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An ideal choice for the food and hospitality industry, these Catering Castors are likely to be used on equipment, such as; hostess trolleys, ovens and other portable cooking equipment, waste bins, kitchen units, storage racks and more. Our range includes tyres made from materials, including; Polyurethane, Stainless Steel and Nylon. An array of load capacities and size options are available to suit your application needs.

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Float-On Castors

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Our Float-On Castors are designed for use in wet and dry conditions. They ensure smooth movement of delicate or polished flat materials. The balls are availble in two matieral and colour options. The red polyurethane (Shore A 90-95) ball is more hardwearing. The black rubber (Shore A 80-85) us for most other applications. The height is adjustable making these very practical. Features a BZP stem. Right or left hand orientation options are available to suit your needs. Comes either fully or partially assembled, and also available in a 'ball only' option.

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Furniture & Office Castors

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These aestically pleasing castors are a great option for equipment typically found in offices and other commercial premises. Our range of Furniture & Office Castors can be applied to desk chairs, pedastals, storage trolleys, meeting tables and more. The materials offered in this range include; Rubber, Nylon, Zinc Plated Steel and more. A variety of type options are available to suit your requirments, including; Spherical, Twinwheel, Bolt Hole, Spoke Wheel, Knurled Stem and others. Our range is available in varying load capacity and size options.

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High Temperature Castors

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High Temperature Castors are ideal for equipment like bakery oven wheels, as well as in applications where high heats are expected - such as; industrial oven equipment and autoclaves. Plus other applications in need of high temperature resistance. Our range features Bolt Hole, Fixed Plate and Swivel Plate castors. These come in a choice of material and colour options, including Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel and Rubber. Different load capacity and sizes are available.

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Industrial Castors

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Industrial Castors are ideal for heavy duty applications or industries, such as; automotive, engineering, manufacturing and others. Ultimately designed to bear heavy loads, these castors are likely to be used on items like dolly carts, storage racks, tow lines, maintenance equipment, platform trucks and others. Our offering includes Bolt Hole, Threaded Stem, Fixed Plate and Swivel Plate castor type options - manufactured in a variety of colours and materials including, Rubber, Nylon, Cast Iron and Polyurethane. A choice of load capacities and size options are available to suit your application needs.

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Levelling Castors

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Our multifunctional Levelling castors are an ideal choice for machinary, cabinets, portable equipment and transportation. Move and position large equipment single handedly, with ease. The wheel is made from black poloyamide and features aluminium housing. A range of fittings and adjustments are available, with up to 1500Kg load capacity.

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Medical Castors

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Medical Castors are pivotal in the mobility of equipment in the healthcare sector, whether in hospitals, care homes, laboratories and more. Enter any medical facility and you will find portable equipment, such as; patient monitors and devices, ventilators, beds, medical carts and trolleys, hoists, wheelchairs, and others that all make use of castors and wheels. Our extensive range features different castor types, including; Levina, Linea, Twinwheel, Swivel, Fixed plate and others. These castors are offered in a choice of colours and materials, such as Polyurethane, Zinc Plated Steel and Nylon. A plethora of load capacities and size options are available to suit your application needs.

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