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Accessories for Latches & Locks

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Explore a wide array of high-quality products designed to enhance and support the functionality and durability of your locks and latches. Our range includes:

Lock Handles: Upgrade your locks with our ergonomic and sturdy lock handles, providing a comfortable and reliable grip for effortless operation.

Latch & Lock Keys: Ensure secure access control with our range of latch and lock keys. Precision-cut and designed for compatibility, these keys guarantee reliable and smooth locking mechanisms.

Replacement Cams: Our selection of replacement cams, ensure seamless locking and unlocking for continued reliability.

Fixing Rings: Enhance the stability of your locks and latches with our durable fixing rings, designed for secure and long-lasting installations.

Dust Caps: Prevent dust and debris from compromising your locking mechanisms. Our dust caps are the ideal solution for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your locks.

Locknuts for Cam Locks: Ensure a tight and secure fit for your cam locks with our specially crafted locknuts, designed to withstand various conditions.

Key Tags: Stay organised and easily identify your keys with our key tags. A practical accessory for managing multiple keys with efficiency.

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Dust Caps

These Dust Caps are designed to keep dust, humidity, dirt, ingress, and other contaminants out of locks. In addition, they offer excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. They fit the exact hole sizes as the corresponding lock types.

These caps' snug fit and secure closure make them easy to install. As it is installed between the lock and the door, you will need to include the thickness of the dust cap base in your calculations when considering the appropriate grip range. Widely used in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and industrial manufacturing.

  • Material: PU
  • Colour: Black

Please get in touch with customer service for other colours.

Fixing Rings

The Quarter Turn lock range is supplied with a range of accessories including fixing rings. These are supplied in two different types; one in Spring Steel and the other in Die Cast Zinc. They are suitable for all locks with a 20.2 x 22.2 fixing hole.

Key Tags

Plastic key tags can be fastened to a range of latch & lock keys; they include an inlay card, window and metal split ring, making them highly economical. These tags can help with good key management and security in retail premises.

  • Available in eight assorted colours, including; Orange, Black, Purple, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.
  • Comes in a pack of 100 tags, as standard.

Latch And Lock Keys

Keys to suit various Quarter Turn Drivers to suit many industry applications. Various materials are available to suit the environment of the application. This selection suit our ranges of Quarter Turn Locks. Add our handy key tags to your purchase to help clearly label your keys and make them quickly indentifiable.

Locating Plates

The Locating Plates in this range are used to securely position Cam Locks when there is a potential risk of having some movements due to the nature of the application. This range cover a washer and a plate made of steel.

Lock Handles

The Quarter Turn lock range is supplied with a range of accessories including lock handles. These are supplied in a polyamide material. They are suitable for all locks with a 20.2 x 22.2 fixing hole

Single Rod Assemblies Kit

Rod assemblies for two and three point installations of flush recessed latches. Rod assemblies include guide, keeper, and rod. Aluminum rods are .34" diameter. Rod assemblies have a .75" throw. Guide and keeper brackets are 1010 steel with black nylon inserts. Latch is not included and must be purchased separately.

Actuator Plates

Actuator Plates are used for mounting cam latches. They are suitable for use with most standard cam ranges. When applied with Swinghandles and accompanying rods, users benefit from a multi-locking system.

The Actuator Plate has a 3-point locking actuator plate that allows for multiple locking points.

  • M5 Screw mounted
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Zinc Plated

Locknuts for Cam Locks

This Plastic Lock Nut is a suitable alternative to the metal lock nut that is supplied with the Plastic Quarter Turn with Spring latch range.

  • Material: Polyamide 30% Glass Fibre Reinforced
  • Colour: Black

Replacement Cams

Cams offered provides an alternative or replacement to the one delivered with our Locks. The range offer a choice of grip range, material and profile to suit many applications.