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Side Hinges

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Our Side Hinges provide a robust solution for medium to heavy door panels with a full rotational angle of 180 degrees. This product line includes three types, each designed to meet specific security and budget needs.

We offer various types of side hinges. Type 1 and Type 2 deliver high resistance and enhanced security for long-lasting performance and maximum protection, with special screws included for easy installation. For a more budget-friendly option, Type 3 is available if security is not a top priority.

Choose from these options to find the perfect balance of strength, security, and cost for your specific needs.

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Side Mount Hinges

Side Hinges offer a rotational angle of 180 degrees. Types 1 and 2 are high resistance hinges for medium and heavy door panels. They also offer high security and are assembled using the special screws provided. Type 3 is a lower cost lower security alternative