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A quick guide to Fasteners

clock 3 minutes | 29 May 2018

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With so many fasteners out there, how do you know which one is the most cost effective while giving you the performance you need?

It comes down to understanding the fastener types and materials. This guide is designed to give you an introduction. We’ll offer expert advice on the best fastener for your application. You’ll like our flexibility too, it’s why you can order small or large quantities whenever you want. You can also try before you buy on select products to make sure your choice of fastener is exactly what’s needed. Whatever you order, you can depend on fast despatch.

Screws and bolts
Screws and bolts perfect for data cabinets


Your best bet for securely fastening vital components. Properly applied, high-quality screws and bolts ensure your product is held together through rigorous use, protecting your reputation.

FEATURES: A range of head and drive types to choose from: Countersunk, Cheese Head, Mushroom, Pan, Phillips, Slotted and Torx Head

MATERIAL: Material options include Nylon, Polyacetal, Polycarbonate, PVDF, PEEK, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, suitable for different applications

SPECIFICATION: A variety of thread sizes available, from M1 to M16 with a wide range of lengths for different tolerances



When you’re using bolts, you need the right nuts to prevent your product from
loosening and breaking, creating the need for more labour and money to correct
the problem.

FEATURES: Choose from different types for specialised and standard needs, including Hex, Cap, Washer, Wing-Fly and Thumb nuts

MATERIAL: A diverse range of materials for the job at hand, including Nylon, Polyacetal, Polycarbonate, PVDF, PEEK, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel

SPECIFICATION: What does your job need? Select nuts in thread sizes from M1 to M16 with a wide range of lengths

Nuts perfect for machinery
Rivets and push fasteners
Rivets and push fasteners perfect for automotive


Quick fitting fasteners for temporary and permanent applications save
valuable time. With quicker application times, your operations can work
faster and increase productivity.

FEATURES: Vast number of rivet types available, such as One-Piece Push, Pre-Driven Push, Snap, Snap Lock, Fir Tree and Expansion rivets

MATERIAL: Available in LDPE, Nylon, PP, Polyamide and more, providing heat stability and UV resistance for different environments

SPECIFICATION: Options vary, including head diameter, compatible hole diameter and panel thickness solutions



Washers are essential to keep your product held together. Maintain quality by using washers at entry points to distribute the load and stop wear on bolts and screws.

FEATURES: Washer types available include Flat, Lock, Retaining, Saddle, Headboard and Shoulder Washers

MATERIAL: Plastic and metal washers with unique properties for every application. Your choices include Nylon, Polyacetal, PEEK, TPR, Steel and Stainless Steel

SPECIFICATION: Inside and outside diameters and thicknesses available for an array of compatible screw sizes

Washers perfect for retail & furniture
Spacers perfect for electronics


When space is tight and wires and cables need to be properly positioned and held in place, the right spacers can ensure your product powers up every time.

FEATURES: Non-threaded spacers designed to be installed by hand without needing assembly equipment

MATERIAL: Materials include Nylon, PVC, Polystyrene, Acetal and Stainless Steel, Nickel-plated Brass and Ceramic-Steatite C220 with the properties you need for the job

SPECIFICATION: A wide range of lengths and inside and outside diameters to suit your application

Know your plastic


Knowing the properties of your plastic fastener is vital to choosing the right solutions for your project. Our checker below highlight’s some key plastics and their associated performance indicators.

Heat stability chart
Heat stability chart
Chemical resistance chart
Chemical resistance chart
Tensile strength chart
Tensile strength chart
UV resistance chart
UV resistance chart

Download free CADs and try before you buy

Free CADs are available for most solutions, which you can download for free. You can also request free samples to ensure the solutions you’ve chosen are exactly what you need. If you’re not quite sure which product will work best for your application, our experts are always happy to advise you.

Request your free samples or download free CADs now.