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Set Screws - Metal Hex Socket Head with Cup Point

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These self-tapping screws with metal hex socket heads and cup points are used to join two or more pieces of material. They are distinguished by their hexagonal head, which can be turned with a hex socket wrench, and their cup-shaped point, which burrows into the material being fastened to prevent the screw from loosening.

The cup point design offers a strong and sturdy attachment by giving a sharp point that bites into the materials. Their self-tapping function removes the need for pre-drilling or tapping, saving time and effort during installation. They have a tensile strength class of 5.8 (500 N/mm2).

A hex socket wrench is required for installation and removal. This is especially useful in applications where screws must be accessible or removed frequently. Used in machine construction, automobile production, and medical device applications.

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Set Screws - Plastic Hex Socket

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Set Screws with Plastic Hex Socket Heads are designed to secure objects in place by creating a tight and reliable connection. They are frequently used for applications requiring high torque or the screw to be recessed from the object's surface being secured.

It has outstanding strength and corrosion resistance and is lightweight and electrically insulated due to its composition. It has a comfortable grip that allows for simple installation and removal using a hex key or Allen wrench. Used in electrical applications like circuit boards, connectors, and heat sinks, as well as in manufacturing and the automobile industry.

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Set Screws - Plastic Slotted

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Plastic Slotted Set Screws are utilised in many applications that require a secure and non-marring connection. These set screws have a plastic slotted head and offer distinct benefits over standard metal set screws.

Its high corrosion resistance makes these screws appropriate for use in locations where moisture, chemicals, or other corrosive substances are present. Furthermore, the plastic head is non-conductive, making it suitable for electrical shielding applications. This keeps the screws from shorting out or interfering with delicate electronic components.

It is designed to be simple to install and adjust with a flat head screwdriver due to the slotted head. Commonly used in industries such as electronics, automotive, and furniture manufacturing.

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