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Rotary Dampers

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Rotary dampers are designed to facilitate a smooth & controlled linear or rotary movement. Typically found in glove box doors, paper trays, instrumentation equipment, loading mechanisms, window shades, sliding closet doors and printer covers. Rotary dampers can protect delicate electronics, prevent lid and closure damage and extend the life of your products.
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Rotary Dampers

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Rotary Dampers, which are also known as Rotational Dampers, are mechanical components that function like small gears. They help to slow down or inhibit the motions of moving parts in machinery.

A Rotary Damper can also be used to allow a controlled opening and closing of flaps, caps, lids and other covers in machine equipment. Essentially, Rotary Damper control speed and acceleration of a movement in a travelling body.

Simple to install, a Rotational Damper can be fitted as part of an assembly and are offered in a range of torques and gear profiles. Our range comes in choice of materials, including; Polyoxymethylene (POM), Nylon and Polycarbonate (PC) - with a variety of colour options.

  • Colours: Black, Blue, Natural, White.

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