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Our range of circular and rectangular raw magnets share the same qualities when it comes to fixing devices or internal components. Eliminate the use of tools with these easy to use magnets that are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and pull strengths. Also included in our range are pot magnets - often used across applications such as displays, point of sale and work holding equipment. These small yet essential components cover a choice of materials such as ferrite in various thread sizes ranging from M3, M4, M5 and M6 and our neodymium cylindrical magnets are stocked in a range of overall diameters, thickness and maximum holding forces.
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Ferrite Magnets

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Due to their high coercivity, Ferrite Magnets are suitable for a wide range of applications. These circular discs are magnetised with multipoles on one face. They can be used in Reed Switches, holding devices such as pot magnets, security systems, audio visual systems and many more. The range features two types; one is a standard disc shape and the other a ring with a 5mm counter sunk hole.

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Neodymium Magnets

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Neodymium magnets available with a nickel plated coating that protects the brittle magnet material and helps avoid corrosion in miniature applications. The nickel offering comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This range also includes a black powder coated round plug magnets, which have superior magnetic strength for their small size.

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Pot Magnets

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Pot Magnets for sale at Essentra Components.

We offer Neodymium Pot Magnets (N38) that are chrome pated. The magnets combine the power of a neodrymium maganet with the durability of a mild steel shell, and as such offer exceptional performance. The range is avaialble in two types. Type 1 have an M4 tapped hole in the back for mounting, and they are supplied with a removable steel hook. Type 2 have an M5 tapped hole, and are supplied without a hook. These magnets have a maximum operating temperature of up to 100C.

Ferrite (C5) Shallow Pot Magnets are also available to purchase. The small magnets are economical - the Ferrite Magnet is chrome plated to give high corrosion resistance, also making them a robust option. The magnet has a countersunk hole in the front (magnetic) face and can be easily fixed in place with an M5 Countersunk Screw. They are ideal for using in fixing applications, such as; point of sale displays, exhibitions, marketing displays, on doors and holding lights in place. Available in diameters starting from 25mm, with a 3.5kg pull up to 40mm with a 9kg pull. The maximum operating temperature is up to 180C. All mounting holes are 5.2mm with a countersink.

Also included in our extensive pot magnet offer are, Deep and Shallow Alnico 5 Pot Magnets, which feature a vibrant red colour finish. The shallow option is low profile for applications where height is limited. They have a clearance hole through and a countersink on the magnetic face, to accept a countersunk screw. Shallow magnets can be fixed on to or sunken into steel surfaces without any loss of performance. The maximum operating temperature is up to 500C. The deep option have a steel outer shell with a tapped hole in the back, and a highly magnetic front face. Ideal for incorporating into jigs and fixtures. They provide high holding forces on parts that are think and clean with a good surface finish. The maximum operating temperature is up to 220C.

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