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Stainless Steel Lead & Ball Screws

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Lead Screws

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Lead screws are a type of screws used to convert rotational motion into linear motion by converting the rotational movement of the screw into forward motion of the nut. 'Lead' refers to the distance a nut will travel for a complete revolution of the screw.

They are used for standard applications that require a lower degree of precision and accuracy, or where a ball screw is not suitable due to environmental conditions. They are strong, durable, and more cost efficient than ball screws. They are also used in robotics, automotive or CNC machining industries.

Available as standard right-hand thread lead screws as well as left-hand threaded.

Please note: These lead screws, unlike threaded rods (not to be confused between them), have a thicker and stronger raceway which makes them ideal for heavy load applications where repetitive linear motion occurs.

  • Material: Steel EN 10083-2 (C35, DIN 1.0501) or (C45, DIN 1.0503)
  • ISO 2901/2903 (DIN 103)
  • Surface hardness approx. 250HB

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