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Continuous Piano Hinges

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What is a Continuous Hinge?

Continuous hinges are also known as piano hinges. They are a longer version in comparison to other common hinges, designed to offer support to the entire length of cabinets to which they are affixed to.

Our plastic piano hinges can be fixed with rivets, screws, nails and clamps offered in various lengths, with strong chemical resistance to many substances and are supplied in rolls to be cut to your desired length. If you require continuous metal hinges, choose from drilled or undrilled hinge types, in various lengths and different sizes of leaf thickness to support your application.

Check out our Guide to Piano Hinges for more information. 

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Continuous Hinges - Metal

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Our range of Continuous Hinges, commonly known as Piano Hinges, are available in a host of sizes to suit your project requirements. These metal hinges are a more visually pleasing alternative to Butt Hinges. The sheet metal hinge fits along the full length of a door, lid or other hinged application, and evenly distribute a load. They provide a seamless and hard-wearing opening.

Commonly used for piano lids, which is where they get their name - these durable continuous piano hinges can be used in any number of light, medium and heavy duty industries, including, patio doors, shed, commercial and engineering applications, cabinets and other enclosures, furniture making, sheet metal and other metal fabrications.

The includes Steel piano hinges and Stainless Steel piano hinges that has a grade of AISI 304. Hinge thickness ranges from 0.8mm up to 8.5mm. These continuous hinges come in drilled or undrilled options. The drilled option has holes to suit countersunk #4, #5 or #6 screws.

We also offer 1.3mm Aluminium 6082 T5 continuous piano hinge. This features an aluminium profile with a small stainless steel pin diameter. This hinge comes undrilled with a weld on design, and features a choice of anodised or raw finishes.

  • Sold in packs of 2 x 1016mm lengths
  • Can be riveted, screwed or welded in position.

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Continuous Hinges - Plastic

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Our range of long plastic hinges, commonly known as Piano Hinges or Continuous Hinges are available in a choice of sizes to suit your needs. Made from Polypropylene (PP), this continuous plastic hinge is a good choice when your application requires a non-metal solution. Plastic continuous piano hinges are non-conductive, weatherproof, and have excellent sealing properties.

We stock a Single Living Hinge, made from natural Polypropylene (PP). Also known as an Integral Hinge, this is a thin, flexible piece of plastic surrounded by thicker plastic that allows a part to fold or bend from 1 to 180 degrees. Suitable for temperatures ranging from 0 up to 65C.

We also have a PP piano hinge with a variety of colour options. These hinges offer good chemical resistance, including oil, solvents and sea water. They have a tensile resistance of 180N/cm and a suitable temperature range from -40C to +80C - making them ideal of an number of indoor and outdoor environments, and applications. They can be fixed with a choice of rivets, screws, nails or clamps. Supplied in a 15.25 metre roll.

  • Colours: Natural, White, Black, Grey.

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