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Furniture Locks - Heavy Duty Cabinet Lock

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These Furniture Locks are used to secure metal cabinets; however, they were initially developed for Fire Hose Cabinets. These locks are intended to be placed flush with the application's surface, resulting in a smooth and seamless look.

It offers security to protect valuable items and are durable. The flush mount design prevents the locks from protruding from the application surface, preserving the piece's aesthetic integrity.

It is easy to install and can be adapted to existing cabinets, making it a convenient and effective way to secure doors and drawers. They are typically found in metal cabinets, medical furniture, and data cabinets that require a clean and discrete locking mechanism.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Colour: Natural

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£ 11.254 - £ 26.3637 79 In stock
Furniture Lock 18.5 mm Keyless Die Cast Zinc Alloy


Price Range
£ 26.3637 - £ 11.254

Stock Levels
79 In stock
  • Barrel Depth
    18.5 mm
  • Barrel Diameter
    80.0 mm
  • Grip Range
    18.5 mm
  • Minimum Mounting Hole Size
    70.0 mm
  • Key Type