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Push-Fit Clamping Knobs

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Thumb Screw Knobs - Knurled

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Knurled Knobs, or Thumb Knobs easily press fit on to screws, creating a small knob for clamping or securing an application. These Thumb Screw Knobs, also known as Thumb Bolts, can be used with any length of screw. The knurled edge is easily gripped for tightening and loosening.

Our offer features a range of black and orange Knurled Knobs, made from Polyoxymethylene (POM). Several options available; the first two options offer easy assembly with bolts and nuts, with a single hammer-stroke. Suitable for M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 hexagon bolts and nuts. They are in compliance with DIN 555, 601, 934, 558, 571, 931 and 7976. The third options easily assembles on socket head screws, also with one hammer-stroke. Available for inside hexagon bolts from M3 up to M10, and in compliance with DIN 912, 6912, 7984.

Also available are Knurled Screws or Nuts made from either Steel, with a tensile strength class of 5.8 (500 N/mm). This option has a visible face fine turned and blackened. The other option made from Stainless Steel AISI 303 - the visible face find turned with a matte, shot-blasted finish. Various threads available include M5 knob screw options.

A Thumb Screw Knob made from Acetal is also in our thumb knob range. These can be used as a thumb screw or a knob, with caps available for use with any length screw. Colour options include Black, Blue and Red.

The range also features a black Polyamide (PA 6) Knurled Kbob, suitable for Socket Head Caps Screws, which easily assembles into the base of the knob. Not special tools or glue is required. The knurled edge increases grip.

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Thumb Screw Knobs - T-Head

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T-Head Thumb Screw Knobs can be press-fit onto screws to create a small knob for clamping or securing. These knobs can be used with any length screw and the T-Head design provides extra leverage when tightening.

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