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Fibre Splice Trays - System, Kit

In production

Fibre Splice Trays & Protectors are ideal for eliminating the potential hazard of macro and micro bends which can occur during the mishandling of optical fibres. The trays are stackable to any number and inter-tray fibre routing is possible. They can be used with splice holders, splice protectors and bend limiting tubing. The lids, trays and hinges are all sold separately or in a kit: OFST-A-P-1

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Product SKUs information
Item Code Price range Availability Quick View
£ 10.4719 - £ 38.1263 2542 In stock
Fiber Splice Trays - System, Kit - Black


Price Range
£ 38.1263 - £ 10.4719

Stock Levels
2542 In stock
  • Colour
  • Type
    Splice Tray Kit
  • Includes
    1 - OFST-1-L
  • Includes
    1 - OFST-1-P
  • Includes
    2 - OFSTH-1-RED