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Our expanded range of
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With more than 140 years of combined experience in manufacturing and a combined output of 2.1 billion parts in Europe, the alliance between Essentra and BMP TAPPI brings valued experience to the manufacture of caps and plugs.

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Slottex Plugs

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Parallel Protection Plugs

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Studded Full Face Flange Protectors

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Face Protectors

Round Inserts & Glides - Chrome Finish

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Over 45,000 products in stock
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Custom Solutions
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With a large selection of new products that are amongst the 45,000 products in stock, deep industry knowledge and expertise in the field of injection moulding, we can offer a hassle-free service from developing an innovative concept, to testing it and supplying it to your organisation.

We offer a full solution to service your technical needs with responsive innovation and manufacturing capabilities in Europe.

Protection for key applications

Hydraulic Protection

Our ranges of hydraulic fitting protection are designed to protect the threads of the connection points such as couplings or manifold connectors. A lack of protection can potentially create a malfunction that could result in hose failure, lack of control of hydraulic systems and health hazards to the operator.

Our ranges offer different thread standards and designs adapted to manual or mechanical tools.

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Storage & Transit Protection

Protecting your components at different stages of your process require meticulous consideration. Understanding where you are in your process be it manufacturing, testing, storing or transit is key. Essentra has on offer a range of caps and plugs adapted to these stages.

Easy application, fast removal, flexibility in sizes and colours are available to you with our range of carefully designed caps and plugs. Check your requirement and find your match by requesting free samples.

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Masking & Surface Treatment Protection

Any surface treatment activity comes with complex requirements resulting in a pristine visual finish and protecting essential contact points from paint drop and corrosion that, if unprotected, will default a project.

Essentra has a solution through its wide ranges of caps and plugs but also choice of materials to meet the strict working conditions of surface treatment applications.

Size, material performance, design and stock matter. Get in touch with us - we have it all and, if not, we will design it for you.

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Pipe & Flange Protection

Exposed to hostile and hazardous working conditions, pipe and flange require specific protection to avoid contamination, corrosion and damage at wielding points.

Essentra caps and plugs ensure that pipe ends and the bevel of pipes are protected during manufacture, storage and transit.

Our ranges of flange protection ensure that the face and raised face are safeguarded from dents, scratches and rust before bolting.

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Metal Fabrication Protection & Finishing

Metal fabrication consists of transforming sheet metal into a design using various techniques of bending, cutting, punching and welding. The process results in a raw finish and leaves the unthreaded surface open to corrosion and sharp edges.
Essentra offers components for the furniture industry ranging from tube inserts with aesthetic appeal to grommets for cable management support.

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Download our caps and plugs minilog to view our selection of products.

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Supporting your sustainability goals

We are committed to supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and objectives, by developing sustainable industrial component solutions for them. We have ambitious targets for reducing our emissions, which have been validated and approved by the SBTi, as being in line with a 1.5° trajectory.

Our Science-Based Targets:

  • Reach net-zero from our own operations by 2040, and across our value chain by 2050
  • By 2030, to halve emissions in our own operations and reduce our value chain (scope three) emissions by 55% per GBP of value added.

Manufacturing more sustainable components

Recycled content is used as standard across a range of over 7,000 of our products globally and many of our new general protection ranges from BMP are available in recycled materials.

We continue to invest in innovation with our new Centre of Excellence, research and development centre.

We have committed to:

  • 50% of raw materials from sustainable sources by 2030 across our polymer ranges
  • 100% of raw materials from sustainable sources by 2030 across our general protection and security seal ranges.

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