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Steel Springs

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Wire Die Springs

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Wire Die Springs are essential components used in a variety of applications where high force, durability, and reliability are crucial. These springs are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide consistent pressure, making them ideal for applications that require precise and controlled movement. With their unique characteristics and numerous benefits, Wire Die Springs are widely used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and engineering.

One of the main characteristics of Wire Die Springs is their exceptional strength and durability. These springs are made from high-quality alloy steel wire, which offers excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, and fatigue. The wire's carefully designed shape and size allow it to absorb and distribute force evenly, ensuring consistent pressure over a long period. This characteristic makes Wire Die Springs suitable for heavy-duty applications that require repetitive and prolonged use.

  • Material: Chromium Alloy Steel
  • Colour: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

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