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Polyamide PCB Mounting Pillars

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Round Unthreaded PA Spacers

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Round, unthreaded spacers are made from PA ( Polyamide), or Nylon, and can be found in a range of lengths and diameters. These offer physical spacing for your assemblies, as well as providing thermal and electrical insulation between components. Glass filled PA is also available for applications where higher maximum service temperatures are required, as well as improved strength and stiffness.

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Dual Locking Support Pillars

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Our dual locking circuit board support posts lock at both ends and offer a quick and easy way to secure two PCBs or a single PCB to framework or a chassis. They are available with alternative locking options at either end of the spacer and come in different body types, as well as numerous sizes to suit your project requirements. They are suitable for a range of needs and applications. The range is available in either Nylon 6/6 (RMS-01) or flame retardant Nylon 6/6 (RMS-19) with two UL certification options (UL94 V0 and UL94 V2).

  • Easily mounted by hand.
  • Natural colour.

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