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Vinyl Hydraulic Application Caps & Plugs

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Pull Tab Caps

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Our Vinyl Pull Tab Caps have a large pull tab allowing easy removal from the component. The PVC or EVA material used for these ranges provide good tensile strength, toughness and increased flexibility. Our range includes colour options; Black, Red and Yellow, with a wide choice of sizes to suit your application needs.

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Round Vinyl End Caps

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Vinyl End Caps, commonly known as Flexicaps or PVC End Caps. A round cap that protects the outside diameter of threaded or non-threaded tubes, rods, pipes or paper tubes. The vinyl material can stretch on to larger dimensions for a tight fit without tearing, splitting or shredding.

These round vinyl end caps include a red flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 60 Shore version, which is made from softer and more flexible material that allows for easy fitting. The bright red colour offers high visibility, thus reducing health and safety risks. Also included is a black PVC 80 Shore version that is more rigid than the red option. Also available is a glossy, dip-moulded round end tip that has a smooth finish. Durable round plastic end caps for round tubing are ideal product presentation and protection.

These vinyl caps provide a high-gloss, attractive finish making them ideal for use as decorative end caps. The flexibility and durability allows suitable fit for multiple applications. They can be used as a mask for coating, plating and paint applications, where the maximum temperature is not higher than 350F.

  • Simple push-fit design.

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