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PVC High Temperature Masking Caps

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Flexible Vinyl Pull Tab Caps - High Temp

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High Temperature Flexible Caps, with a pull-tab design, fit on and remove from threaded or plain applications. The are easy to fit and remove.

With heat resistance for temperatures up to 210 degrees, these caps are an ideal choice for a range of masking applications. The unique design allows each cap to fit a wide range of diameters and the curved pull-tab provides more surface contact area - therefore requires less grip force during application and removal.

Caps with a six-sided design are included.

  • Material: Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Colour: Yellow

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Easy Pull Masking Caps

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Easy Pull Masking Caps provide optimum protection for end tip profiles, such as rods, pipes and tubes during manufacturing processes. Typical applications include; powder coating, e-coating, plating, anodising and blasting.

The cap features an internal seal that provides a secure fit and the flanged design allows for easy removal of the can from the application. The caps can be reused multiple times.

To assure a proper fit due to design features, the inside diameter dimension should be approximately 10 percent smaller than the outside diameter of the part being masked.

Our range is available in two material options; Silicone and EPDM. Silicone is a premium masking material with high temperature and chemical resistance. They are suitable for a range of sizes due to the ribbed design. EPDM is a more economical material with reduce heat resistance.

  • Materials: Silicone Rubber 600F (316C) and EPDM 425F (218)
  • Colours: Natural and Black
  • Hardness: Durometer (Shore A) 55 + 5

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Flexible End Caps - Standard

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Our range of high temperature Flexible End Caps come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for Metric, BSP and UNF threads. These Flexicaps are durable making them an ideal choice for a multitude of uses; their attractive vinyl appearance makes them particularly good for finished applications.

Made from flexible PVC (90 Shore) in yellow, which can withstand operating temperatures of up to 210C. These extremely pliant caps provide excellent chemical resistance and are an economical solution for one-time uses. Typical applications include; powder coating, e-coating, plating and general paint lines. The specially formulated PVC is unaffected by weather, oxidation, oils and moisture.

  • Stretches up to 15% larger than manufactured diameter
  • High quality gloss finish.

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Flexible End Caps - Oil and Grease Resistant

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Flexible End Caps - Oil and Grease Resistant are made of Vinyl providing good flexibility to protect threads an non threaded tips and is highly resistant to shredding. The green or black PVC can be used with oil and grease application. The design come with a hanging tab to work with hanging hooks.

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