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LDPE Bumper Feet

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Push-Fit Bumpers & Rubber Feet - Bumper

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Bumper Feet, also called Push In Bumpers, can be used as glides, bumpers, closures, slides and stops for a range of applications. These Rubber Bumper Feet had a simple push feet stem that holds the Push In Rubber Feet in place - allowing them to protect surfaces from contact.

Our Push In Rubber Bumpers range includes a wide variety of styles, including;

Break-Away Bumpers that are designed to be pulled from the inside of the chassis. These bumpers have a mounting tab that breaks away after assembly, to save save. Made from Black Silicone Rubber, available with a H Shore A Hardness rating of 40 and 50; Silicone is good for high temperature applications. An ideal alternative to the Break-Away Bumpers, are Blind Install Bumpers that are also made from Silicone Rubber with a 45 Shore A Hardness rating. They feature a cross drive that is molded into the head that allows for quick installation from the outside of the chassis. The user can install with wither a #1 Phillips head screwdriver or a smaller blunt end rod.

The Silicone range extends with Pull Mount Bumpers with a 65 Shore A Hardness rating. Pulled from the inside of the chassis. Black in appearance, the high temperature silicone material help to cushion and prevent skidding.

Also available are Flat and Domed head split-stem bumpers made from Natural Nylon 6. Produced with a split stem portion that makes insertion easy, but removal difficult. As well as being great bumpers, they are also suitable for use as panel plugs.

Continuing our Nylon Bumper range are Standard and Coved Stem Bumpers with a Natural appearance. Used to protect surfaces from contact, they are ideal for sheet metal, wood and tubing.

Flat Head Stem Bumpers are also available, in a choice of Natural Nylon or Black Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). The flat head gives these bumpers a design that is able to rest against a flat or tangent surface. The step-type or tapered lead on the stem makes insertion easy. A simple press-fit on the shank holds the bumper in place securely.

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Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Screw-On Bumper Feet

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Screw on Rubber Bumper Feet, or simply Screw On Feet, are recessed bumpers ideally suited for use as feet on radios, television sets, house wares, small appliances, and many other products.

Our Screw On Rubber Feet are fastened by means of a screw, bolt or a rivet. As well as performing the function of a bumper foot, they can also be used as spacers or door stops.

These Screw In Rubber Feet are available in round, coved and tapered configurations. They are made from either Nylon or Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

  • Colors: Black and Natural.

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