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Leveling Feet

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What is a leveling foot?

Leveling feet are used on cabinets, equipment enclosures and free standing electrical equipment providing levelling against uneven surfaces and floors. These components also known as levelling pads and levelling mounts, adjust for stability and reduce shock, vibration and tilting.

Leveling mounts such as stud mount adjust to uneven surfaces and are used as machine feet to level machine tools. Vibration mounts are great heavy duty leveling feet that are ideal when used as feet on machinery and conveyors, much the same as non-slip rubber covers and leveling pads. They bear heavy loads and prevent machinery from moving and slipping acting as machine leveling feet.

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Rubber Covers & Pads - Non-Slip Pads

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Non-Slip Pads are an optional accessory, ideal for covering diameter levelers or conveyors, in order to provide additional friction.

These Rubber Pads can bear heavy loads. The extra friction they offer prevents movement and slipping, ensuring machinery is safe and secure during operation.

Plain Base and Bolt-Down Base options available.

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Stud Mount Leveling Feet - Plastic Rigid Base

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Stud Mount Leveling Feet with a Plastic Rigid Base adjust to uneven surfaces and level machine tools, electronic racks, and similar applications. The plastic base provides a smooth non-abrasive surface that protects floors.

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Stud Mount Leveling Feet - Plastic Swivel Base

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Stud Mount Leveling Feet, also known as Swivel Screw Feet or Leveling Mounts with Threaded Stud, are often used in machine construction, compensating uneven surfaces on which the machine is positioned. The stud leveling feet allow for adjustment of the machine, in order to reduce tilting.

They are applied by threading threaded inserts or shafts to the corners at the base of the machine. The inserts are attached to leveling feet; the feet meet the floor, and can be independently lengthened or shorted, ensuring your assembly is perfectly level and secure.

Our stud leveling feet range is made up of Swivel Tilting Adjustable Machine Feet. The plastic leveling feet are provided in a Nylon option, which has a maximum tilt of 20 degrees and a high bearing load of 2000lbs per foot. This option is ideal for mounting machines or conveyers. Also available in this range is a Polypropylene (PP) option that has a maximum tilt of 25 degrees. Both come with Zinc Plated Steel threaded inserts.

Our swivel leveling mount range also includes Low Profile Adjustable Feet, which are made from Polyethylene (PE) with a Steel threaded insert. We also have a series of Non-Articulating Adjustable Feet, sold as a foot only option, Made from PP these swivel pad feet are used alone with threaded inserts (sold separately).

  • Ideal for uneven surfaces
  • Imperial and Metric options
  • Color: Black

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Vibration Mounts - Heavy-Duty

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Heavy-Duty Screw-On Vibration Mounts absorb shock and reduce noise with high adhesion to the floor. These mounts are ideal for use as feet on machinery and conveyors

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Weld Cups

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Low Profile Weld Cups add strength and protection to fit standard metal base glides. The smooth material protects floors and reduces noise levels while fully encapsulating and protecting the metal base.

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