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High Temperature Masking Caps

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What are masking caps used for?

High temperature masking caps, also known as masking plugs or caps, are used in various industrial applications to protect specific areas or components from exposure to high temperatures during processes like painting, powder coating, anodizing, or other surface treatments.

High temperature masking cap applications 

High temp masking caps play a crucial role in ensuring that specific areas of a component or product remain protected during various industrial processes such as:

Powder Coating: During this process, parts are coated with a fine powder and heated to create a durable finish. High temp masking caps protect areas that shouldn't be coated.

Anodizing: This electrochemical process forms a protective oxide layer on metals like aluminum. Masking caps keep specific areas untreated.

Blasting and Etching: During processes like sandblasting or chemical etching, masking caps shield areas from abrasives or chemicals.

Painting: In automotive or industrial painting, masking caps cover sensitive areas like holes and threads to prevent unwanted paint application.

Our range features masking caps made from various materials including silicone, plastic, EPDM and more.

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Easy-Pull Masking Caps

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Easy Pull Masking Caps provide optimum protection for end tip profiles, such as rods, pipes and tubes during manufacturing processes. Typical applications include; anodizing, blasting, powder coating, e-coating, plating and general paint lines.

This range has several style options, include a range with a flanged design and an internal seal that provides a secure fit or options that feature an ergonomic finger pull-tab for easier removal.

These caps are easy to fit; to ensure the best possible fit, the inside diameter dimension should be approximately 10 percent smaller than the outside diameter of the part being masked.

Our range is available in different material options with various beneficial properties. Silicone is a premium masking material with high temperature and chemical resistance. EPDM is a more economical material option with lower heat resistance. Both Silicone and EPDM options can be used multiple times. Whereas, Soft PVC is a more economical solution also with chemical resistance, a reduced heat resistance and is for single-use applications.

  • Materials: Silicone Rubber 600F (316C) EPDM 425F (218C) and Soft Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 425F (218C)
  • Colors: Natural, Black and Yellow
  • Hardness: Durometer (Shore A) 55 + 5 and 85 +/–2

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Flexible End Caps - Acid Resistance

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Flexible End Caps are made from flexible material that is able to stretch on to larger diameters for a snug fit. They provide protection to threads and non-threaded tips.

The cap features a hanging tab, which allows them to be used with wire hooks. They are an ideal solution for masking applications. The caps also benefit from acid resistance.

  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Color: Black

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Flexible End Caps - High Temp

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Flexible End Cap that is suitable for masking applications, such as anodizing, blasting, e-coating, powder coating, plating and general paint lines including wet paint processes. This cost-effective component has excellent chemical resistance and is an economic solution for one-time uses.

High and low temperature options are available.

  • Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 140F (60C) and 425F (218C)
  • Colours: Black and Yellow
  • Hardness: Durameter (Shore A) 85 +/-2

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Masking Straight Caps

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These Masking Straight Caps are typically used to mask studs and tube ends. They have excellent sealing capabilities due to the flexible material that they are manufactured from. Ideal applications include; powder coating, e-coating, plating, anodizing and blasting.

Although they are primarily designed fpr use as a cap, if inverted, they can also be used to plug holes.

Available in a choice of two materials; Silicone and EPDM. Silicone is a premium masking material due to its high temperature and chemical resistant properties. EPDM is a more economical material option with a lower heat resistance but superior chemical resistance. Both material options can be used multiple times.

  • Materials: Silicone 60F (316C) and EPDM 425F (218C)
  • Colors: Blue, Black, White, Green, Grey, Pink and Yellow
  • Hardness: Durometer (Shore A) 55+5

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Masking Washer Caps

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A range of Masking Washer Caps that can be applied as a protective cap for threaded and non-threaded end tip.

Although the product is primarily designed as a cap, the integrated washer masks of grounding and also provides edge protection to ensures that the application hole is safe from contaminants and damage. This highly versatile masking solution can also be inverted and used to plug holes.

  • Natural Silicone (55 Shore A) - 316 degrees C (600 degrees F)
  • Black Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) (50 Shore A) - 218 degrees C (425 degrees F)

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Stretch Fit Cover Caps

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Stretch Fit Cover caps are designed to mask awkward shapes and protect against dirt and moisture during storage and shipping. They have an elasticated bottom to hold it onto the mating part. This can also be used as a general paint mask in ambient temperature environments.

They are able to cover a wide range of diameters and shapes of parts such as furniture, for added versatility. It withstands temperatures up to 60 C | 140 F, and are reusable due to their material.

  • Material: PE
  • Colour: Clear, Blue

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Tapered Paper Caps

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Paper Tapered Caps and Plugs are made from crepe paper and are suitable for painting or powder coating applications. They can withstand temperatures up for 205 degrees Celsius and are a cost-effective alternative to silicone. They are made from a blend of post-consumer and virgin materials and are themselves recyclable.

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