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  • A wide range of products are offered to suite many applications and environments. Butt Weld Plugs provide maximum protection from damage and contaminants for butt weld ends on valves, pumps, and heat exchangers. Developed with the LPG Industry, these plugs are designed to meet LP Gas Association Code of Practice 15: Part 2. Profiles are strapped to help prevent loss and for ease of replacement and marked with direction of fitting / removal. Our High-Temperature Masking Plugs have excellent chemical resistance and are designed to excel in even the toughest of applications. Tube inserts are pushed into the ends of hollow tubes that are used to create furniture, shelves and racks. Our inserts protect the ends of the tubes, covering sharp edges and act as either an end cap or a load bearing foot.

High-Temperature Masking
  • We know that masking is a key part of your finishing and production process, in manufacturing, fabrication and machine building. Our extensive range of high-temperature masking products provides you with solutions for shot blasting, powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating or wet painting. Perhaps your requirements are to mask irregular shapes, try our Masking Tapes and Disks. Can't decide on which solution you need? View our range of guides and handy tips, A Quick Guide to Masking Solutions and Masking Materials Selection Guide.

Pipe & Flange Protection
  • Protect valuable pipes and flanges often causing product impairment, during shipping and storage with our line of specialized pipe protection. We offer a full range of plastic pipe caps, that include open-end vent caps, closed-end caps, vented caps and flexible caps that resist splitting and cracking. Our flange caps completely wrap the entire flange to prevent debris from damaging internally-coated surfaces. Essentra Pipe and Flange Protection Caps protect machined surfaces during treatment processes, transportation and storage.

Hose Protection
  • Essentra's range of Hose Protection is essential to protect most types of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries. Good insulation properties against temperature, abrasion and burst resistance as well as an ease of fit, are key features to this range providing a solution to many hazardous applications. Included in our range are hydraulic hose cinch straps, hose clamps and more.

Furniture Protection
  • A damaged product can cost your business its reputation not to mention replacement expense. Our Furniture protection solutions are designed to keep your furniture products safe when in transit and on the move. With a whole variety of Door Cover Caps, Hinge Cover Caps corner protectors, edging strips and many types of edge protectors, your products will arrive with your customers safe and sound. Our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.

Security Seals & Labels
  • Security seals are widely used across various industrial sectors to protect customers’ brands and products throughout supply chain transit. Whatever industry you work in, a streamlined security process will be present, whether it’s protecting an item, controlling access to an area, or tracking the movement of products or money. Security Seals offer a cost-effective, high quality and light-weight solution to an effective and transparent security process. These robust, tamper evident seals, offer efficient safety and security assistance.