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  • At Essentra, our selection of Caps features everything from Tapered, Hydraulic and Threaded. While our Plugs range offers high-temperature masking solutions as well as pipe and flange protection products. The range boasts over 2000 tried and tested solutions across a spectrum of manufacturing and end-user applications, all designed to meet specific protection requirements. Not only are most of our standard caps and plugs in stock, but they can be ready and set for same day shipping, offering you speed and convenience.

  • Our Electronics components range is jam-packed with everything you need across a whole host of solutions. We stock everything from Cable Management solutions such as cable clips and clamps and ever useful cable tie mounts. Choice and convenience is important to us, so if it's PCB Hardware you are after, we are confident our range can cater to your needs regardless of size of project or application. We stock it all, from Spacers and Standoffs to Mounting Hardware and even Card Ejectors. With the chance to 'try before you buy' across our products, we know we have you covered at Essentra!

  • Our huge range of Fastening solutions, over 4000 in fact, is one of our largest and most diverse product selections. Incorporating products from well-established manufacturers, our choice ensures we meet the requirements of our customers every time. If you are on the lookout for Panel Fasteners or Washers, we stock a huge range, full of variety with different styles and uses. If Rivets are what you need, we have them, including firm favorites such as Push-In and Snap-Together. Our offering is always expanding and with the chance to grab a free sample before you commit, we are proud to offer variety and convenience at Essentra Components. For more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Fasteners.

  • Look no further than Essentra Components for a huge range of Hardware solutions. From hand wheels and knobs in a whole host of styles and designs, to latches and locks, we have you covered. If it's base glides, casters and glides you are looking for, look no further! We are proud to offer a large range of products, across a whole host of uses and environments. Take our hinges for example - you don't need to look further than a door to your home or office to see one in use. Essential products, affordable prices and all designed with you, the customer, in mind!