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Bolt, Nut & Screw Caps

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Why choose bolt, nut & screw caps?

Bolt caps, nut caps and screw caps are all designed and manufactured to provide protection across a wide range of applications and requirements, with the job of finishing and concealing unwanted heads on screws and bolts acting as bolt covers, screw end caps and in some cases, decorative screw caps. Many types of cap bolt feature in our range with each cap or bolt bringing its own USP to your applications meaning the choice is endless at Essentra Components.

Benefits & Applications:

If you need protection against weathering and potential tampering, consider our bolt head and nut caps. Bolt, nut and screw caps can all be known as finishing caps, so for the perfect solution to finish tubing and to provide protection, choose our tube and nut cover caps. Other options featured in our range are secure cover caps – an easy to snap into place cap designed to protect and conceal bolt heads. Choose from various sizes and colors to suit your project requirements. In terms of providing a neat and tidy finish above screw heads, our uniscrew caps accept a range of screw sizes and are manufactured from black and white polypropylene. Much the same in terms of concealing screw caps - our cross head screw caps are designed to protect exposed crosshead screws and are stocked in various compatible screw sizes. Other types of screw covers in our selection are decorative screw covers - an attractive solution to again, cover exposed screw heads.

We know this is a big range with lots of choices and understand the endless applications in which these caps, nuts and bolts can be used. For example, you may need bolt cover caps, or bolt head caps, or screw end caps or screw head caps, but you're not quite sure which is the right choice to make – no need to worry. We have put together this handy Essentials Guide to Caps and Plugs for more information about applications, types and pretty much everything you need to know about our selection of bolt, nut and screw caps.

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Banjo Bolt Caps

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A Protection Cap and Retaining Washer in a single unit. These Banjo Bolt Caps hold everything together during assembly, storage and shipping.

A highly versatile cap that will protect your application against damage and the ingress of dirt. The product is also supplied with bridged retaining loops. The caps are easy to grip, even when wearing gloves and are available in a choice of sizes to suit your project needs.

  • Material: Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Color: Black

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Bolt Head & Nut Caps

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Bolt Protection Caps protect joint fasteners against tampering and weathering. Ideal for bolts, screws, nuts and washers - they also create an enhanced finished appearance for your application.

Our range is supplied in a wide choice of sizes to suit multiple applications. The material features a UV stabilizer, making these caps a great choice for outdoor applications.

  • Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Colors: Black and White

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Cross-Head Screw Caps

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Cross Head Screw caps conceal and protect exposed Phillips cross head screw heads.

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Secure Cover Caps

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Secure Cover Caps and Bases are used to neatly conceal fastening components. They offer ideal environmental protection for exposed joints on a range of outdoor equipment.

These caps are available in vibrant colors, making them particularly suitable for use on children's playground and gymnasium equipment. They can also be used in Point of Sale and furniture applications. The cover cap securely snaps into place, with minimum effort; covering the heads of bolts, screws, nuts and washers.

Each cap and base is available in a choice of six color options that can be mixed and matched to create a truly customized appearance to your finished application.

  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow
  • Cover Caps and Bases are sold separately

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Tube & Nut Assembly Caps

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Essentra has a wide and varied range of finishing caps and nuts ideal for finishing off tubing and protection.

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Uniscrew Caps

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Uniscrew caps, offered in white or black polypropylene, provide a neat and tidy finish above the screw head. The integral washer reduces fitting time. Uniscrew caps accept a range of screw sizes, reducing stock requirements.

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