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Bullet Hinges

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Bullet hinges actually have many names – they can be referred to as weld-on hinges, lift-off hinges and barrel hinges. They are used to provide a compact and strong method of attachment to metal doors with metal frames.

Bullet hinges are used in many applications including on metal enclosures, for agricultural purposes, in electrical applications and many more. They offer a clean and discreet appearance no matter where they are applied. To give you more information about bullet hinges we have created this handy Guide To Bullet Hinges. 

Our Knowledge Centre is full of handy tips and hinges guides including, to name a few:

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Weld-On Hinges - Bullet

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Bullet Weld On Hinges, also commonly known as Weld On Barrel Hinges, operate by a very simple design. They are a secure, versatile hinge that is highly durable.

Our range of Weld-On Bullet Hinges can be used on flat surfaces for easy welding, and can be mounted in several configurations. Available in a choice of materials, including; Steel, Steel with a Brass Pin, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

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