Knobs, Handles, Grips & Levers

  • We make opening, closing and securing your applications even easier with our comprehensive range of Handles, Knobs and Positioning components. With over 260 products on offer including control knobs and levers, the range covers a vast array of designs which provide solutions across a number of applications, industries and environments. These include heavy-duty hand grips and industrial knobs. In addition to those, we stock industrial pull handles, industrial crank handles and hand wheels. Our materials and designs combine functionality with aesthetic features to ensure safety and durability. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.

Feet & Glides

  • With many different styles, materials and sizes our range of Base Glides, Casters and Glides is comprehensive enough for all your design and build needs. Our Casters are ideal for office furniture, shop fitting and catering applications, including, Furniture Caster Wheels and Sled Base Glides. The Industrial casters range come in various wheel types and fitting styles for heavy-duty purposes, such as Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels. Our Base Glides are ideal for leveling items resting on uneven floors, for wooden cabinets, equipment enclosures and free-standing electrical / electronic equipment. So, Rubber Bumper Feet are your solution. Ideal for kitchen and furniture applications, our extensive range of Glides are available for self-adhesive, screw-in or nail fittings. See our Adhesive Glides. Most of our products allow you to try before you buy, so why not order a free sample.

Latches, Locks & Hinges

  • Keeping your enclosures, cabinets, HVAC and industrial units secure and safe is essential to building a successful application. With over 2000 parts available, our wide range of Latches, Locks and Hinges come in multiple variations and materials, all built to the highest industry standards such as RoHS and Reach. When your applications are in constant use, you need security and functionality, so our Latches will do just that, such as our Compression latches and Panel latching. Your cabinets could be susceptible to ingress of dirt or liquids so our locks can help, such as our Furniture locks and Glass door locks. Our hinges also come in a variety strengths ideal for light- and heavy-duty applications; try our Heavy-duty butt hinges, Cabinet butt hinges, Bullet hinges, Heavy-duty cam locks, Piano hinges, Continuous hinges, Corner hinges and detent hinges. Can't decide on which solution you need? View our range of guides and handy tips, A quick guide to Access Hardware and Design Engineer's Guide to Access Hardware.


  • Toggle Clamps use a linkage system to increase force applied to the handle to tightly secure objects. Styles include pneumatic toggle clamps, manual and push-pull clamps. They provide a solution for applications requiring low-profile, ergonomic handling and versatile positioning.


  • Essentra provides a wide range of gasket seals such as bubble and flipper. Sealing Gaskets are clip-on profiles offering edge protection and sealing. Essentially used on metal sheet, they offer protection from vibrations, ingress of humidity and dirt. They provide an additional seal to enclosure boxes. We also offer weather strip tape, foam tape that conforms to irregular and textured surfaces, strips that work well in outdoor applications and gasketing that is resistant to water absorption. Our range includes neoprene gaskets and urethane gaskets.