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Piano & Continuous Hinges

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Piano hinges are also known as continuous hinges and work just like all other hinges. They are a mechanical bearing that features two leaf’s joined together by a pin. Once installed they are able to run the entire length of the surface in which they are installed.

As piano hinges are offered in large lengths and widths, they offer a greater strength and stability over the other types of common hinges.  Traditionally, piano hinges have been used to support the lid of upright pianos, that’s where they get their name from. However, they can be used for a variety of applications including heavy lids and doors on storage boxes, shed doors, fold-down desks and cabinet doors.

For more information about piano and continuous hinges, check out our Guide to Piano Hinges for all you need to know.

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Continuous Hinges - Plastic

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Plastic Piano Hinge, also known as a Continuous Hinge, can be fixed with rivets, screws, nails or clamps, These Plastic Hinges are a great choice when your applications requires a non-metal solution.

Piano Hinges get their name from their original purpose, which was to secure the lid of a piano to the piano-body. But they can be used in any number of light, medium, and heavy duty industries, including; sliding doors, barn doors, commercial and engineering applications, cabinets and other enclosures, furniture making, sheet metal and other metal fabrications.

Our Plastic Piano Hinges are made from Modified Polyolefin Copolymer; this material gives these Continuous Hinges great resistance against salt water, oil, solvents, dilute acids, alkalies and most chemicals - making them highly versatile and suitable for an array of environments and conditions.

  • UV Protection
  • Colors: Black, Grey and White.

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