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Lynch Clip Pins

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Lynch pins in our range are equipped with a self-locking ring, ensuring a secure snap to hold your assemblies firmly in place. These convenient fasteners function as efficient tools for swiftly adjusting or removing accessories on equipment.

Ideal for various applications, lynch pins are commonly used in the following industries and scenarios:

Agriculture: Securing implements and attachments on tractors and agricultural machinery.
Construction: Holding components and accessories in place on construction equipment.
Automotive: Fastening parts on vehicles, trailers, and towing equipment.
Manufacturing: Utilized in jigs, fixtures, and assembly line processes for quick adjustments.
Recreational: Fixing components on boats, ATVs, and outdoor equipment.
Mechanical: Acting as locking mechanisms or fasteners in various machinery and devices.

Manufactured from forged steel, these lynchpins offer maximum strength and durability. The zinc plating with yellow dichromate ensures excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Lynch Pins

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Lynch Pins are used as a convenient way to adjust or remove accessories on equipment. The self-locking ring snaps into place, to securely hole the assembly. They allow for fast and rapid removal.

Lynch Pins are forged from Steel for maximum strength and come plated with Zinc that has a yellow dichromate that benefits from corrosion resistance. We offer Lynch Pins in various sizes and configurations to meet any application.

  • Pin Material: Grade 2 Low Carbon Steel
  • Plating: Steel Zinc and Yellow CR+3 Trivalent Zinc.

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