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When a screw head is not required, our plastic threaded rods are an ideal substitute. They are thicker and lengthier than screws, designed to fasten metals or wood together. Industries such as automotive, marine, and construction commonly use rods for various applications and advantages, as they can be cut according to specifications.

Nylon rods are simple to tailor to size and provide resistance to most chemicals while having electrical insulating characteristics. Moreover, threaded nylon rods are lightweight, feature low thermal conductivity, and possess vibration and abrasion resistance.

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Plastic Threaded Rods

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Threaded Rods, also known as Threaded Studs, are a relatively long rod fastener that functions due to the threading at both ends of the rod. This threading results in a tightening action from a rotational movement, which allows other fixings such as nuts and bolts to screw or fasten to it. In many instances, the thread extends along the total length of the rod shaft. Thread rods are designed to be used in tension assemblies.

We stock a wide range of plastic rods, in an array of sizes. Our Nylon Threaded Rods and Threaded Studs are made from flame retardant Nylon 6/6 with a rating of UL94 V2.

The nylon rods can be easily cut to size and are resistant to most chemicals, and have electrical insulating properties. In addition to this the threaded nylon rods are light in weight, have low thermal conductivity, as well as providing vibration and abrasion resistance.

The nylon threaded studs are ideal in applications where a non-magnetics solution is required. These lightweight plastic studs also have excellent chemical resistance, and are good for insulation assemblies.

  • Color: Natural
  • Versatile threaded plastic rod.

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