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Metal Security Seals

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Cable Seals - Plastic Body

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Our Plastic Cable Seals can be used worldwide to secure goods during import and export. A highly secure alternative to standard locks, due to the additional tamper evidence feature. The seal is easy to use on pull-tight applications. Suitable applications include; vehicle doors, bulk tankers, duty-free carts and roll cages.

The seal has an enhanced locking mechanism and includes a long tag that is ideal for the printing of QR codes or serial numbers and barcodes of up to 13-digits. The seal also has very high tensile strength, with options include; 120kg (1.5mm diameter) and 150kg (2.0mm diameter).

To Install;
1. Loop the cable through the item to be sealed
2. Insert the cable through the locking chamber
3. Pull the cable all the way through the body, until the item is tightly sealed. - then pull at the body to ensure the seal is locked
4. Remove seal with the appropriate cable cutters (sold separately).

  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) body with Chrome Plated Steel hasp.
  • Colors: Blue, Green and Red

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Fixed-Length Seals - Metal

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A heavy-duty seal with a fixed length that features an all-metal design. Theses Fixed Length Seals are ideal for securing truck and container doors.

The metal seal provides an extra strong way to deter and prevent theft, as well as helping to detect breach and tampering.

Easy to install, the seal does not require any tools to apply. A cutting tool is required for removal.

  • High break strength: 25kg
  • Material: Tin Plated Steel

Custom printing is available on request.

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Padlock Seals

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Our Padlock Seals are used to secure goods during transit, and provides obvious indication of tampering or breach - giving you peace of mind during shipping. These seals are an ideal choice for more demanding applications.

The seal can only be removed with wire cutters (sold separately). These seals offer a low-cost and secure single-use alternative to conventional padlocks. They are made from tamper evident transparent material.

  • Material: SAN Resin and Polypropylene (PP) body with Chrome Plate Steel hasp
  • Notch of wire hasp that is removable by hand (optional)
  • Colors: Blue, Green and Red

Includes options that feature RFID tag for electronic scanning and logging.

To Install;
1. Pull the shackle out from casing
2. Insert shackle through the top casing hole
3. Press to lock.

Applications include; plastic distribution boxes, vehicle doors and bonded store doors.

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